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  1. Webcam or DSLR

  2. Webcam or DSLR

    Thanks, I tried to order one from there but they are all out of stock is there anything 'new' which would work? Mark
  3. Webcam or DSLR

    Hi, I would like to get started in planetary and DSO imaging. I have a Nikon D300s DSLR which I will try and use for deep space imaging, but would a webcam be better for planetary imaging? If a webcam would be good which webcam? I have spent ages looking for a good CCD webcam but the phillips toucan everyone recommends is not made anymore, and all I can find is CMOS sensor webcams. Is a CMOS webcam any good now? as these sensors have come on in recent years. In short, can you recommend a webcam which will produce good quality images and is easily obtainable? Thanks
  4. Newbie

    Welcome to SGL Timbows. Merry Christmas :-)
  5. A new member from Spain

    Welcome to SGL Patricio!!
  6. First ever Telescope viewing.

    LOL, I knew I'd get it wrong!
  7. So, I set up my new 190NM with NEQ6 PRO tonight after the clouds finally cleared. First target was Jupiter, great views, all the family enjoyed seeing the bands and moons, especially our little boy! Second target was the M42, this was a nice view as well, better than i expected through a small scope! Whilst watching jupiter I saw a asteroid (if that is the correct name) enter the earths atmosphere and a few moments later saw a 'satellite' following a straight line crossing jupiter. A great first nights viewing! I did all this manually as I have not set up the goto yet and.....I seem to have trouble finding north even though I can find the constellations which I know, maybe it is hidden by the houses behind.......or just having a night off!!
  8. LTC 0610 Camera any good?

    Thanks Gina, Great advice!! I was very tempted to start with the M42......but, well, we'll see...
  9. Here it is!!

    LOL! This was't a gift from the wife more of a present to myself, she is happy though, but only because I agreed to spend the equivalent on her:eek:
  10. Here it is!!

    Cheers Steve! I keep looking out of the window, and yup, its raining!! Mark
  11. LTC 0610 Camera any good?

    Thanks Gina, I have a D300s DSLR which I have just bought a T mount for, so i think i will give that a try until I get some half decent images, then maybe progress to something else. Mark
  12. I had a phone call at work today from the delivery driver asking is I was available to take delivery of my 'three heavy boxes' as there was no-one in at home. I arranged to meet him in a few hours and couldn't wait to leave work. So, anyway, I got home a few hours later and low and behold I had a delivery! Boxes.........exciting! The tripod NEQ6 190NM I will post pics of the full assembly over the next few days. Very excited..................................Blooming Cloud!!
  13. LTC 0610 Camera any good?

    Thanks!! I can package it back up and take it back to work then! Worth asking the question though!!