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  1. This is all very interesting! I've just brough a set of RA and DEC motors with the little hand set for a CG-5 (not a GOTO thingy) they've not arrived yet and I've not looked into hooking them up to a computer at all, but what would i need to do to hook the mount up to the lappy using these motors? can it be done or do i need the Synscan type hand set. As i say I've not looked into this at all so only a brief reply would be nice to get me looking in the right direction. Cheers Chris.
  2. cool, 14th would suit me better have got a track day in the week before the 7th. cheers chris.
  3. hi, i couldn't make it last time and i think i'm free most weekend in december, so i would love to come along. Need some advice on collimation of my C8N (not sure if i'm doing it right) and general help setting it up. I'll bring it along if i can make it. Cheers Chris.
  4. I'm new to all this to and agree with phil the sky is very very big and looking at maps and then the sky you loose all sense of scale, then you bring the scope into the equation and it is very easy to get lost. I've just started to read Steve O'Meara's book Deep sky Companions: The Messier Objects and it make alot of sense it talks about finding objects and gives tips to help move around the sky, it will not help with finding saturn (as its about Messier objects) by its still a good read. He's got aother one about looking at the sky with binoculars which looks good to.
  5. has anybody got a tutorial on how to use setting circles, been trying to work it out but am having trouble. i used vega as a zero and moved to altair but it didn't match the numbers i was getting from stellarium. Am a little confused. Cheers Chris
  6. Hello all, the girlfriend was looking through a web site last night and found this, so i'd thought i'd share it. http://www.spacerocksuk.com/indexCambs.html always nice to have a look round the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge. Chris.
  7. Right, the cloud is sort of gone and I've brought some new toy! 1) x2 barlow 2) Celestron NexImage CCD web cam. went out and earlier on and tried to find Jupiter again, all lined up in the finder but not in the scope???? after about 20 mins i found the problem! i was looking at next doors fence!! doh! So had to lift the scope up on its mount, after perching on a chair for awhile and not getting a very sharp view of Jupiter, i decided to have a play with the web cam. Very cool, any way this is my first ever pic, didn't do any video capturing just a simple snap. Can't wait for the moon to come r
  8. Cheers for the encouragement chaps, will try to keep focused (excuse the pun) and you right hawklord there does seams to be a million more stars than i've ever seen before, i used a yellow filter too and that seemed to work well. Will let you know how i get on if this cloud ever goes!! cheers Chris.
  9. Thanks for the help guys, cann't wait for it to get dark again! just brought a web too so going to try and get some pictures of the moon when its back! i am going to have to learn the sky i think ,looking through the finder confused me, then i remembered that in the find objects were upside down and in the scope they were mirrored with it being a newtonian. Its all fun tho!! again cheers for the help. Chris
  10. WOW! I've had my C8-N for what seems an age and have only looked at the moon so far, cool as hell tho (i like the moon) so tonight I had a proper go at looking at stuff, tried to find Bodes nebulae as it seemed to be bright according to stellarium but no joy so I knew the jupiter was easy to find so a had a crack at that. Not long after there it was i was gob smacked!!! i am really going to get into this astronomy thing now. And i saw moons which was even more wow!! got afew questions 1) jupiter still looked small and a little fuzzy, i was using a 6mm lens, is this right? i read it is very low
  11. Just downloaded and had a quick play with it. i think that is a fantastic program!! i've used the one that came with my C8 sky something or other and it is far better, thanks for sharing. Cheers Chris.
  12. ok, cheers for the advise chaps have seen afew threads about the Synscan GOTO, will look into how much a CG5 goes for then look to maybe getting the full on goto mount. I want to try and learn to use the mount properly without the GOTO asistance so trying to get as many option as i can for when i do decide to upgrade. Bring on the clearer nights! Cheers Chris.
  13. Hello all, I've got a C8-N scope and am looking to upgrade the CG-5 mount to a goto type, are the any people can recommend? Also I noticed that whenever I go near my scope the sky suddenly gets very cloudy, has anybody else had this problem or is it just me?? Any help with the GoTo question would be greatly received. Cheers Chris
  14. cheers for the welcome guys, but unfortunately the girl friend has got tickets to see some band on sunday ( :whip2:) so will not be able to come, but i see you chaps meet up regularly so will defo make sure i'll come to the next one, again sorry to back and thanks for the welcome. Chris.
  15. Hi guys have just brought a telescope (C8-N) and would be interested in how to actually use it (i got a little carried away on the internet). I've had a bit of a play but only really looked at the moon, a mixture of weather and work has got in the way. So weather permitting and of couse if you chap don't mind having a pleb about would love to come along and pick your brains. Cheers Chris.
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