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  1. Another attemp on Jupiter from me, a novice on astrophotography, lol. But this time image is taken using Orion Shorty Plus 2X Barlow. Image is still captured using Canon 60D, prime focus on CPC1100. Stacked and processed using Registax and Instagram as usual Two attemps on Jupiter which produce more or less the same image. Seeing from the image, I think this barlow degrade image quality quite significant. Please advise if any. Thanks Cheers
  2. For Jupiter, colour is quite different due to tone adjustment and instagram filter editing
  3. Thanks all. Here, jupiter and saturn position are quite good currently but unfortunately seeing condition is often moderate due to much clouds and some light pollution, so that good deep space imaging is much more difficult to obtain. Really expect for a clear and dark sky.
  4. Just got 2nd hand Celestron CPC1100. Tried to take Saturn and Jupiter image with Canon 60D, prime focus. Took 1.5 minutes (Saturn) and 2 minutes (Jupiter) videos, stacked and processed with Registax and Instagram (lol). Hope to get better image later.
  5. Thank you for responses. I still have question: @Malcolm: Orion Starshoot camera has several types. Are you sure that Orion StarShoot Solar Sytem Color Imager IV has ST4 port to connect it directly to the EQ6 pro mount? Because from the camera specification, it only provides USB connection. @Ben: Thank you for your input about Synguider. @Olly: How can I piggyback the Orion ST 80 on my current telescope SW BK 100ED? What equipment I need for that? Regards, Dony
  6. Hi All, I plan to have EQ-6 Pro with auto guiding set up (my current equipment: SW BK100ED + EQ5 + Canon 60D). I am still newbie in auto guiding and would like to have advice in choosing the equipment for that purpose from the limited types & higher price of equipment sold in my country. Here are choices for the equipment: Guide Scope: Orion Short Tube 80-T Refractor (US $ 350) or just use the 9X50 modified finderscope (US $ 107) or buy better scope WO ZS-66 (US $ 860) Guide Camera: Celestron NexImage (US $ 187) or Sky Watcher Synguider (US $ 260) or Orion StarShoot Solar Sytem Color Imager IV (US $ 255) I would like to have your opinion about the good combination (good performance & good price ) of the auto guiding set up and would like to know cable, connection & software needed for controlling this set up via laptop/computer. Really appreciate your help for this . Thank you. Dony
  7. Dear Olly, I would like to use the scope for deep sky object and also for planetary. You stated that I need to have 2" extension tube to reach the focus without diagonal. The Orion 1.25" Universal Camera Adapter is composed of two detachable parts: a T-adapter and a fixed-length or variable extension tube that is usually used to place an eyepiece for projection photography. My question is: Can I reach the focus by attaching this universal adapter directly to 2" focuser + 1.25" adapter because this universal adapter already has extension tube or I need to buy special extension tube for that. Currently, I only have EQ-5 manual mount, I'm thinking to add RA-motor for imaging purpose. Thanks, Dony
  8. Dear All, I'm thinking to add equipment for imaging purpose. My scope is SW BK 100ED. Someone told me that this scope is designed to use diagonal, so if we attach DSLR camera + T-adapter + T-ring directly to the 2" focuser, we won't get focus on the image. Is it true that we have to use Focal reducer for this scope for imaging purpose? I also would like to know quality comparison between Prime focus photography and Eyepiece projection photography. A retailer offered me 1.25" Orion Universal photo adapter (w/ fixed extension tube), what do you think about this stuff? Or maybe anyone can give me advices about additional aquipment for imaging purpose which are most suitable for my scope? Thank you. Dony
  9. Hi Ed, Thank you for the tips, I have tested it & I'm sure that the problem is on the eyepiece (I rotated the eyepiece & the dots also rotated and there was no effect on Barlow). I will return it to the reseller store and ask for the replacement. Regards, Dony
  10. Hello All, Recently I bought an eyepiece 9mm SWAN William Optic to be used on my SW BK ED100 scope. Yesterday, I tried to use it for terrestrial viewing (I haven't tested it at night due to bad weather), I aimed the scope to a tree and it's quite clear, but I felt a little bit uncomfortable, but I couldn't describe about it at that time (vaguely I saw tiny transparent dots inside the eyepiece, but it's very vague). Then, I used 2X Barlow Orion shorty plus with the eyepiece. I still could see the tree but in my view, vaguely I saw several (or many) tiny black dots in my view. I tried to observed the Barlow lens physically, I thought it's good, no scratch found and then I observed the 9mm eyepiece, no scratch found, but vaguely I saw like a very tiny transparent void inside the lens (but I'm not sure if it's void or not, but it's seemed like that). So my question, is it normal to have that on the eyepiece or should it be an imperfection/defect of the eyepiece ? Since it's my first scope, I didn't have experience with the eyepiece but I didn't see that thing with my 28mm eyepiece (included with my scope). Thank you. Dony
  11. Hello All, As a complete newbie, it's a good chance for me to join this community. I just bought Skywatcher BK 100ED + EQ5 mount as my first scope and the starting point. I first tried it yesterday, just to see moon eclipse and Jupiter with only 32X magnification. Hopefully I can get more knowledge and observing tips from you all. Nice to meet you. Regards, Dony
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