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  1. Hi need some expert advice, I have been looking at the celestron 800 edge hd cgx. is this kit any good and can someone clarify that this is a go to mount with a hand controller capable of slewing to any object in its database (the same as celestron nextstar), if so how does the handset work around doing a meridian flip? i have also been looking at the celestron cpc 1100 gps xlt, if I fit a hyperstar to this telescope would I be able to do astrophotography with this telescope without buying the hd wedge, as I know it will make it roughly a f2.3 and I would be able to take
  2. Well I am at the bottom end of the scale where all I can produce is a white static effect, after a week I still don't have even a basic picture, I am using a stalight xpress mx5c colour ccd, a fast 2 parallel and a celestron 5se. I thought I would get some sort of picture by now, even a poor quality one would be great.
  3. thank you for reply, i am near carlisle, just wanted to speak to someone one to one. ok i will leave it go then.
  4. hi was wondering if any one in cumbria or dumfries and galloway has a celestron nexstar 4se or 5se that i could have a peek through before buying, i have a skywatcher 200p / eq5, but i am looking for a portable scope as the 200p is far to big to drag around. any one?
  5. excelent advice, i will keep these in a safe place until i am ready to use them.
  6. Question is what are other bits, I will post pics of other parts this evening ,any help in determining what they are used for would be great!
  7. No retailer did not make mistake' factory did not put piece in retailer sent 2 adaptors and I did not use right one.
  8. Thank you Malcolm c That's great about moon. That is all I wanted to take a quick pic until I learn thunder the correct way (as Statefarm by olly)
  9. Thanks olly for your reply, you said some of the webcams are quite cheap, I have seen the spc900nc what others are good for it?
  10. Woooohoooo OMG. I had my first encounter with the night sky last night, absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for all your help! Now if I can just take some basic pictures of andromeda galaxy and orion nebula I will be very pleased, did manage to get the moon by holding digital camera to eye piece, but black screen with no detail when I tried andromeda galaxy, and just a few stars but no nebula around them on andromeda nebula, mabe I should remove eye piece and try again!
  11. So all this time I have been using wrong 1.25 adaptor, god knows what other ones are for, I have work in 5hrs so have to call it a night, I will try the telescope out tomorrow night and post results as to whether it worked or not, I will then post pictures of other adaptors to see if any one could tell me what there for.
  12. I have found some other bits they gave me that seem to fit together, this would take eye piece about an inch further away, does these 2 adaptors look right (no eyepiece inserted)
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