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  1. CJ & I will be going on Tuesday, finger's crossed it'll be a positive, proactive meet-up with like-minded peeps!
  2. Huge congratulations to you and the missus on the new arrival, Mark! Hope mum and ankle-biter are doing well. We're planning to roll up on Sunday afternoon and then it's all hands on board to get the Heee-uge tent up! Don't wanna jinx things, but that weather forecast is actually looking reasonable (as in no F9 gales)... Yay! No having to tie the tent to the car this year, then... See you all on Sunday. Kes & CJ
  3. Update: We iz booked! Mark, we'll see you on the Sunday. The mighty Party Tent will be open for business, complete with flashing coloured lights. Bring your own shiny disco balls. WHAT? See you all there! Kes & CJ
  4. Hi Mark, Am waiting for the campsite to give me a call back so we can book from the 11th to the 15th (provisionally, hopefully staying on through to the 18th if the weather's good!), so we'll see you all there on the Sunday! Cheers, Kes and John
  5. Thanks for letting us know, Mark. It's a little disappointing that the party is in October again, though, as the weather last year was so awful that it really ruined the event for us, which is why we eventually bailed early rather than staying for the full week. We did all say at the time that October wasn't the best choice due to the inclement weather that the area usually experiences at that time of the year, and we were under the impression that the consensus was we would be looking at an early September date. Bottom line, this has pretty much put the kibosh on myself and CJ coming along this year. If we do then it will be a spur of the moment thing and probably for the weekend and then only IF the weather is good (I also suffer from a long-term lung condition, so prolonged exposure to damp is really not a good idea for me!). Bummer, but hopefully the weather gods might have a change of heart this year instead of slamming us with the worst storm of the year, and we may get to see you all again. Best to all, CJ & Kes Devon
  6. Hi Mark, Any word on the Sixpenny Handley annual bash for really cool people this year? CJ and I would love to meet up with all you guys again at our favourite field on Salisbury Plain - are we still looking at September? Toodles! Kes & CJ Devon
  7. Hi Guys, Unfortunately, it did cloud over on Friday night, but ironically as me and himself were walking back to the car we looked over to the south and it was as clear as a bell! The guys with 'scopes were all looking the wrong way (namely where you couldn't see any stars due to the cloud cover). If they had just spun around 90 degrees they would have had a great night's viewing! Really good turnout at the event, loads of kids there and a very friendly atmosphere, including an almighty cheer from everyone when they FINALLY managed to turn the blumming outside security light off! I didn't know the Exmoor event clashed with the SGL in March - that's a real shame. If you're in the lea of the moor, you're pretty much protected from the LP from South Wales, although I was chatting to one woman from Minehead and she said it's a bleedin' nightmare - the whole of the coast of S.Wales is lit up like a Christmas tree and it really does impact on the skies right across that part of Exmoor. We're very lucky in that we're totally shielded from it (we're on the far edge of the moor just north of Bampton), but my sympathy goes out to anyone trying to observe or image on the northern fringes - it must be an absolute nightmare. I'm not even going to mention the cultural and spiritual void that is Butlins...
  8. Hello everyone, My first posting here (I'm Astromerlin's missus), and I thought I'd let you all know that Exmoor is embracing its status as a Dark Sky Reserve by hosting a stargazing event tonight (sorry about the short notice, we've only just found out about it ourselves!) at Wimbleball Lake. The event starts at 6pm and goes on until 8:30pm (or later, if the skies are clear), there'll be astronomy societies giving talks and lots of like-minded souls all freezing their proverbials off and realising what 'dark sky' REALLY means... Me and himself are heading up there this evening to show our support, so hope to see any of the SW lot there. The organisation that runs Wimbleball Lake is also planning a stargazing camp in March next year, so looks like you'll all be able to come and see exactly why me and his nibs chose to live in this gorgeous (and LP-free) part of the world! Peace, Kes
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