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  1. I have the Plus version and use it constantly.
  2. Here's the waxing crescent moon from last night. Quick, single shot at Prime Focus with Sony A300. One of my better lunar images.
  3. Here's my first attempt at Saturn with my new Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000. Average seeing, good transparency. Saturn was about 30 degrees above the horizon so I definitely could improve. About 15 sec. captured in SharpCap and stacked in Registax 5.1. Levels/Curves adjusted in Photoshop. As always any tips greatly appreciated.
  4. You will be able to see up to the 13th magnitude on perfect nights with dark skies. I recently just observed the Leo Trio with my 6 inch Dob and they're one of the easiest galaxies to see on the Messier catalog.
  5. Thanks... I just bought a Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000.
  6. Thanks! I used a Sony A300 connected to my Dob with T-Adapter/T-Ring (Prime Focus). Thanks for the tips Bizi, I will try stacking and lowering the ISO and shutter speed.
  7. Thanks, yep I could crop this a bit.
  8. Here's my first image of the Sun. Single shot using Prime Focus with Baader Solar Film. Cropped in Photoshop CS5. I've managed to capture some sun spots! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for a good webcam for my MacBook Pro, I'm thinking of a Logitech. I really want to get into lunar and planetary imaging with a webcam instead of single shots from my DSLR. So I have a few questions. 1. Does anybody use Logitech webcams, and do you need to buy an adapter or something to fit to the telescope? 2. If I connect a webcam directly to the telescope, would I need a barlow to zoom in on the planet, or could you do that manually? 3. I saw a video where someone connected their webcam to a 8mm Baader Hyperion using PVC pipe. Would this work? Thanks a lot for answering
  10. Here's an afocal image I took tonight. Single frame through my 21mm Baader Hyperion. I was surprised how well this turned out!
  11. Thanks guys, my eyepiece was just dusty so it made the Sun appear distorted for a little but.
  12. Hey guys, I just got Baader Solar Film, made a box like piece to connect it to my scope, and tried to look at the sun. The sun is constantly moving around in the eyepiece, I can't focus it, it's been a disaster. When I look at it through the film without connected to the scope, it is a nice round ball. Do you have any tips for viewing the sun with this film?
  13. I was luck enough to see this event. At about 8:00pm I got my gear out front and observed it with a street light shining directly in my face and a tree in the way. It was still well worth it, Venus wasn't centered in the Pleiades, but off to the side. It was very nice!
  14. I've managed to just barely spot it with averted vision under suburban skies with my 6 inch Dob on my third attempt. I used lower power (48x) and it was just a small, slightly elongated fuzz. This was around new moon, and with the moon getting bigger by the day now, I wouldn't bother trying.
  15. Thanks! Yep, I meant the contrast and brightness.
  16. Ok thanks, would the 21mm have to much magnification for some big star clusters? Would the 24mm be sufficient?
  17. Thanks... my scope came with a 25 an 10.
  18. Hey guys, I'm looking for a new, higher quality eyepiece for my 6 inch Dobsonian. I'm looking at the Baader Hyperions. I use my stock 25mm more than my stock 10mm eyepiece so I think I'll go with a higher focal length. Will this increase the quality of DSO's in my scope, or will I barely notice a change? And, are there any better eyepieces for around the same price? Thanks, Joey
  19. What direction were you looking in? My guess would be the star Sirius if you were looking South. The flashing is caused by atmospheric turbulence when they are near the horizon. It could of been Venus if you were looking West.
  20. Yep, both moons are magnitude 13+, so it would be nearly impossible with that telescope to see it under less than perfect conditions.
  21. Here is my best moon picture ever, a full moon from tonight. Just one frame, 1/2000 sec exposure, ISO 100, Prime Focus, cropped and edited in Gimp. Thanks for looking!
  22. Here is another prime focus moon shot from tonight. 4 frames stacked, 1/300 sec, ISO 100. Thanks for looking!
  23. Ok thanks. It was at 6:49 PST, I'll check tomorrow.
  24. I was observing the Orion Nebula at low power tonight and a small object crossed through my field of view. It was about the size of the stars around, and took about 2-3 seconds to cross the fov. Is this a meteor or a satellite?
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