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  1. You can probably tell its my first. Now let me tell you why its not top notch, I was just walking back home from work at about 10PM and it was one of the clearest night sky's I have seen for a while, I thought to myself "Damn, I can never get my scope out this late", as I rely on my mother to drive me to locations, anyway my scope is currently set up at my bedroom window, I live on the third floor in the attic, and I have a large window with glass on 3 sides, but my window is like the worst window in the world as its always steaming up, I managed to give the window a clean, which about 5 seconds later it steamed back up again "The same pattern for the night" anyway I aligned my scope to the moon and managed to get my mobile phones camera to look through my eyepiece and captured this. If my window wasn't as bad as it is I think I could see way more, as I just tried pointing it at Jupiter tonight and all I could see was a round blob and a hint of one of its moons, I wish My window wouldn't steam up all the time as it would be perfect to use it if I couldn't get out. Anyway my pic, now don't laugh, it is my first ever:)
  2. It wasn't bad, as the frowny face might suggest, it was soooooo windy that we gave up after half an hour, it was that windy it kept blowing my telescope, so when we lined it up it blew it away, very frustrating. Me and my mate managed to see Jupiter and 4 of its moons, also we both managed to see detail, as in red and orange lines. Also there was a tiny dot just above Jupiter, I thought it might of been one of its moons but it looked too small, any ideas? also another question my friend was using the telescope to try and align Jupiter then he said "look at this" so I did it was like a line across the lense? it wasn't a mark on the lense as when we moved the telescope it was stars again, any ideas, it was near Jupiter.
  3. Alright another question lol, I just thought I'd try to attach one of the eyepieces, but where I attach them too, there a screw that screws out so you can hold them in place, now I havn't got a problem with that, what I have a problem is that theres another much smaller screw, that dosn't screw out, and I can't get my eyepieces in because of it?
  4. Awesome, thanks. I'm hoping that work isn't very busy tonight so that they send me home early, so, if weather permitting I can test it out tonight. We had a super clear night last night, hoping its gonna be like that
  5. I have one dust cap which looks like a shower cap, the other end hasn't got one its just like glass
  6. So just remove all of it, by other cap do you mean the dust cap?
  7. I'm new to all this and some of you more seasoned may laugh at this, but hey I need to learn. So I have set my new scope up (which arrived today, YAY) anyway, this Cap here do I remove it totally when I go out, or just remove that small cap?
  8. The cloud parting here, might be able to see something in the gaps between the clouds
  9. Its overcast here in Whitby, North Yorkshire
  10. I'd ask him if he'd consider doing a TV series where he travels the UK and trys out differen't scopes and talks more about Amature Astrology, like meeting clubs and people etc, and what amatures can see in the sky etc
  11. Thanx this is just what I was looking for:)
  12. Good Idea thanx, down to my local hardware shop it is:)
  13. Hey all so I downloaded this awesome App for my Android, its called "SkEye" now it can also be used as a GoTo for telescopes, and I tried it out the other day, just using my hand (as my telescope hasn't arrived yet) and it was A-Ok. Anyway it says to attach your phone to your telescope for best use of the GoTo feature, but how, how would one go about attaching a phone to your telescope lol any ideas? Thanx Raradir
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