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  1. Clear skies here and the forecast is good! This could be our lucky night
  2. No worries, you are all being realistic, not doom merchants!. As the scope isn't my present I can wait I have never looked trough anything more than a pair of binoculars at the moon in the past, so anything I see will be amazing. OH is a lot more geeky and knowledgeable when it come to Astronomy. Will certainly report in what we see when the clouds move along.
  3. LOL We are hoping this Thursday! Patience is a virtue. Nereid3: sorry, OH means "Other Half" as in husband/ wife/ partner/ girlfriend/ boyfriend/ significant other...or whoever
  4. Waiting, waiting, waiting for some clear sky. After much deliberation I got the OH a Celestron SE8 for Christmas. Now we are waiting for some clear sky in order to use it. Looks the biz set up it the living room, but frustrating having to wait to use it. Hopefully on Thursday there will be a break in the clouds so I am told by the forecasters. No idea how reliable their predictions are though.
  5. Went to the Norman Lockyer Observatory open day earlier in the year. Had a great time, friendly bunch of people.
  6. Thank you for your replies. It has given me something to think about. Another question if I may...Would a Celestron C6 XLT on a Vixen Porta II mount be compatible and would such a set-up essentially be a manual version of the Nexster 6SE set-up?
  7. Hello all, this is my first post and I am a complete novice when it comes to astronomy, so please bear with me. I need some advice and hope you can help I am going to buy my OH a telescope for Christmas. This will be their first telescope but, unlike me, OH is not a complete novice and has a keen interest in astronomy (has a background in Physics (PhD) but not astrosphysics), but has not done any telescope work for many decades. My concern is that if I buy too basic a telescope this would lead to wanting a more advanced model before too long, so I am prepared to pay more for a model that will do the job for several years and will meet the needs of a user who has mastered the basics. This is where I get stuck as I am finding it difficult to differentiate between all the different types and models and manufacturers. As a complete beginner in this area I have tried to do some research and have read several reviews. The model I get needs to be portable, it will be mainly used for solar system viewing (I think!). I expect some photos will be taken but this is not a major requirement of the telescope. The user has some manual dexterity limitations so lots of little switches, dials, screws etc. would not be suitable. Bearing all this in mind I decided on the Celestron NexStar 6SE. The GOTO would make it easier to use I thought. Anyway, reviews seem good overall. I was going to get the Celestron Eyepiece and Filter kit to go with it. Would this do the job do you think? And is this model going to meet the needs of a more experienced astronomer a few years down the line? All opinions welcomed and much appreciated. Cheers!
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