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  1. Hi Ian,

    Great to hear you are still functioning.

    I am feeling misplaced at present as my diary shows me at Kirkinner ...... but I am walking on the local common instead. Strange with the very strong winds we had during the night I really thought I was in my tent at Drumroamin.....

    Looking forward to the November gathering.

    Keep well


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  2. Hi Derek

    Well Done!!!!

    I am sorry I could not make it.

    Great to see the thanks and praise you are receiving from the attendees

    Yes I hope the Spring Star Party 2021 can go ahead without the Covid restrictions 

    Trust those who have booked for the the Spring Party and cannot make it for any reason should cancel their booking with Lesley as soon as possible.

    Glad you got home safely 





  3. Hi Folks,

    Glad you got viewing in last night, Mars was shining beautiful down South.

    Secondly, Ian's cooking never makes me ill, its just the feeling I cannot get a share of the Stew!

    The sun is shining here at present and its windless.

    Hoping you have a wonderful day and can have clear skies tonight.

    Thanks to Ian and Mike for the messages.



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  4. Hi. Mike, Derek and Ian,

    I felt sad yesterday as I removed the roof rack from the car, as opposed to filling it with the tent.....

    I spoke with Lesley on the phone for 45 minutes today, she confirmed that the field was wet from all the recent rain in the Kirkinner area.

    She  hopes it will dry in the next day or two. She is fully briefed on why I cannot make the Autumn Star Party.

    Secondly, Ian doing Irish Stew and I won't be able to beg for some...... makes me feel sick in the stomach.

    Trust you have arrived safely at Drumroamin and are settling in. Lesley was saying that it was a wee bit windy today.

    I am about to pour myself a whiskey and remember all the great whiskey tasting sessions we have had in the past.

    Here's hoping that the usual crystal clear skies reign over you, the wind drops and the imaging is brilliant.

    And, finally all the very best



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  5. Hi Folks,

    I contacted Lesley on Monday and explained why I am unable to attend this Autumn Gathering.   Shame.......

    I am already booked in for the Spring event.

    Lesley not doubt will fill you in with the details, in the meantime........ trust the weather is kind and the skies as they are in Galloway....dark and clear....briliant.

    See you all in the Spring.

    Clear lasting skies



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  6. Hi Tim,

    I was camping last week at the C&C site at West Runton close to Kelling Heath the weather was superb until 17:30 on Thursday 24 September when it started to rain.

    Over night the BBC Weather had the winds at 70mph and driving rain. I packed up Friday morning went home and yes Tim, there were numerous trees and branches everywhere.

    The campsite toilet was being deep cleaned once a day for 2 hours closed while this was been done, there were a number of other cleanings, so the site personnel did an excellent job and most of the campers I spoke to, were impressed with the attention to detail.

    Hope the Kelling Heath Star Party goes ahead and everybody observes the rules, difficult though it may be. Remember the site personnel will be working their hardest to ensure everyone is safe and enjoying the beautiful Norfork skies.



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  7. Hi Ian,

    I agree it will be great to meet up again..... I am looking forward to the whiskey tasting sessions on the odd cloudy night.

    Trust you are keeping in the best of health.

    We are have really miserable weather down South at present. Constant dark grey clouds  plus rain over the last few days and  nights.




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  8. Hi Folks,

    Just a quick reminder that two months from day, we will hopefully be enjoying the inky black skies of Dumfries and Galloway.

    In preparation I have purchased a new tent which is 10 kilos in weigh as opposed to my  reliable 38 kilos tent. I am currently suffering with sore hands and legs.

    I am thinking of doing a trail camping  for few days in Norfolk at West Runton. Has anybody camped there?

    In the South we have had a series of thunderstorms and heavy rain and the temperature today is more liveable...

    All the best.  hope the weather in October will be brilliant.


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  9. Hi Damian, 

    Nice images of the Ben......( as you know Ben Lomond is the first Munro you meet going North )    I walked up with my son about 28 years ago. We went up the routine path, over the Granny Stone near the start and down the  Ptarmigan ridge back to the lock. We had parked the car on the other side and got the the little ferry boat across. It was a great day out. When we did it I cannot remember any boggy bits.

    On Merrick on the other hand I last attempted it about 4 years back from the car park at the top of Glen Trool. It was very muddy on the trail up where they are cleared an area of forest and to stay out of the mud I had to walk on tree trunks as much as possible for about 60  yards. Once I got to the little bothy I had a drink and went on for another half hour and then decided to turn back as thick cloud started to fall.

    I have been to the top of Merrick a number of times, as you know the views on a clear day are great and Merrick is the highest mountain south of the Munros.

    Trust you are keeping well and looking forward to October....







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  10. Hi Derek,

    Damian is correct the answer is 42... calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years, from the Hitchhuker's Guide to the Galaxy.                  So       Don't Panic everything will be alright on the night......

    I agree lets wait and see what the conditions are, remember some of us will have been self-isolating on site for 7 days before others arrive.....

    Lets enjoy the rest of the Summer.



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  11. Hi Folks,

    I spoke to Lesley at length on Sunday morning, she was out walking Bud in the woods.

    The campsite is in brilliant condition, no car marks at all!

    She cannot book anybody to stay on the campsite before 30 June 2020  as she cannot open the Facility Block..

    She is hoping that the Scotland's Premier Star Party in October will go ahead.

    It would be good if people booked to reserve their place.

    A lot of parking areas on the A75 are closed at present.

    I am booked in for early October.

    Trust you are all surviving......




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  12. Hi John B and Folk,

    If you are currently confined to home, Adobe are doing Web seminars free of charge, Monday to Friday, Lunchtime 12:00 to 13:00. Go to the 

    Behance.com website and aim for the "Live" tab and then the Live Stream box on the left.

    It is doing a number of Adobe products by professional users.

    It started about 2 weeks ago.

    I have been watching it for the last week and it is very interesting, creativity is a key word and I have learned a thing or two.

    Given that I may be confined to home for three months, it definitely helps to learn new techniques and have your brain active.

    Hoping for really clear skies!


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  13. Hi Derek,

    Glad to hear that you survived the weather. The hills covered in snow look very good.

    The weather is meant to average out over a year, so the Autumn Star Party will be dry, sunshine for solar imaging and of course those brilliant dark skies are a dead cert!

    Given my trusted forecast, I cannot see how we will have time for a drinking session..... 

    Anyway, thanks for your efforts.

    See you in the Autumn.



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