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  1. I try to always keep a wrench handy for tightening down the mount just in case haha
  2. Thanks! I'll give it a try then, after the investment in auto guiding equipment I want to hold off on any more upgrades for a few months hehe
  3. Hi there everyone! I was curious if anyone has tried or has any feedback on using a skywatcher AZ3 in place of the wedge base that comes with the SkyGuider Pro. I'm currently living in Northern Ireland, not my home Country of Canada so I don't have it on hand to check if it has a mounting thread on the bottom. I know the supplied wedge leaves a lot to be desired and thought I could even temporarily sub in the AZ3 from Skywatcher as a wedge base, it does have the fine adjustments and I recall them being reasonably smooth. My end goal is to someday buy the William Optics wedge and ex
  4. Thanks Everyone! I have placed an order for a Pi 4, in the meantime (difficult as it is with the camera not having been delivered) I am playing around with ekos trying to figure out the interface. Cheers!
  5. Thank you both for your advice and feedback! That is kind of what I was expecting to hear about it. I'll get a Pi 4gb then, just to be a bit future proof though i plan on using it solely for guiding for at least a couple years.
  6. Hi Everyone! Forgive me if this should be in a different thread or has been discussed before I might have missed it. I am trying to get back into astronomy in general and step up my astrophotography game, I am very much still a beginner however I have an Ioptron Skyguider Pro that I mount my Sony A7III onto, and am currently awaiting the arrival of a ZWO ASI120MM-S for my guide scope. My question is, is the Raspberry Pi Zero W capable of running PHD2? I have Astroberry loaded on it and it seems to run, it is a bit slow which is not really surprising with how basic the Zero is.
  7. Not sure why the picture is upside down, I apologize for that.
  8. Hi all, for many years now I wanted to build a more permanent mount for my skywatcher 200p, and I finally got up the inclination and ideas to do so. My design plan went through a lot of variations of course, there was a lot of "should i make it this tall?" or "is this gonna be strong enough?" and so forth, however I persevered and first light was tonight. for the support of the polar axis I sunk two 6X6 posts, one 10 feet and the other about 5 1/2 feet long, my friend Zach was a great help, seemed to enjoy playing with the post hole digger. Then with my dad's assistance I built the yoke out of
  9. a box to put the accessories in, so they can't travel so far in the dark
  10. for those who like to stand while observing a pile of bricks to raise the dobsonian or other short mounted telescopes to a comfortable level.
  11. in the united states there is Webster Telescopes, and Obsession Telescopes
  12. i too would be interested in seeing this, good luck with the project
  13. i own one of these, absolutely love it. i would agree a good nightsky guide like Night Watch is a good investment, as would be a telrad (or some other red dot finder).
  14. nice scope, you will get many years of enjoyment out of it, i know i've got many out of mine and still counting
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