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  1. Hello there..... I spent a few hours yesterday modding my 450D with the Baader BCF. Everything went well until I was replacing the ribbon cables.. If you look here and scroll down to section 43 it was ribbon J that slightly tore. It only broke a couple of strands as far as I can tell. I reconnected everything and fired it up as I felt I had nothing to lose and it appears everything is still working ok !!! I`ve tried all the major functions with everything good! (Bulb,Mirror lock,AF,USB and serial shutter controls still working) Does anyone have any idea where this ribbon comes from? Clear skies.. Joe
  2. I`ve gone and Sold it. Got myself a 12" LX200GPS for £100 more than I got for the 90. Finally things are looking up..(if you`ll excuse the pun)
  3. If you look up an Ebay seller nemed Bluedragon747 He sells Fully Modded Spc900`s (Amp off & LX ) and I can vouch for them. I own one myself, Very good and a Very Helpful and Friendly seller.
  4. meeesterjoe


    Recently ordered a Baader UV/IR cut filter which arrived the very next day. Well impressed. Will soon be ordering a CGEM If my funds allow. Keep up the good work.
  5. What a Fantastic Website & Forum Its great to be here and everyone is so welcoming and helpful. I`m Glad I joined.
  6. This has probably been discussed to death, but after much trawling I cannot for the life of me find out just one fact........... Does anyone here know how much just the OTA weighs on my 12" LX90 sct. I`m soon to De-fork it as I`m becoming very frustrated with the shivering. Also can anyone recommend a Semi-Decent EQ mount to put it on? I`ll be Imaging with a Williams optics Zenithstar 80 guiding with the LX90. Best regards and Clear skies. Joe
  7. meeesterjoe


    Welcome along from a fellow Newbie..!
  8. meeesterjoe

    Total noob

    Welcome along from an ex-IW Fellow Newbie.. There are some fantastic Dark sky sites on the Island..(Especially The Back)
  9. Welcome along from a fellow Newbie..!
  10. I owned a 127SLT for a week and was quite disappointed with it. Great GOTO but very poor for planetary observing wth a 2.5x Barlow and 15mm EP. Pin sharp but small. I found it to be rather Shaky too. Sold it for a Meade I was offered for silly money. a 5x would help if the conditions were just right and you didn`t touch the scope. Best regards and Clear skies.
  11. Just thought I`d tell you about my ongoing situation.... I ordered a 12" Metal Dew shield on the 24th November which was listed on their website as In stock and available for immediate despatch. On the 30th November I managed to get through to them to enquire where it had got to.. I was told it had been made but AE were in the process of painting it and couldn`t be rushed. I managed to get hold of someone there on the 19th December (after being diverted to a voice mailbox and NOT being called back) and was told that the batch were still being fabricated.! It is now the 26th December and I still do not have my dew shield.Pulsar have told me I will Receive it "sometime" after the New year!!! I am livid. They are so quick to take your money without first checking if they actually have the item to sell. I was looking to buy the AC400 megawedge pro but now think I`ll go down a different route as I dread going through all this hassle again.
  12. meeesterjoe


    Hi all... Just aquired an LX90 12" as my second scope.. my first was a 127SLT (ooer) Enjoying Visual observing and a little bit of planetary imaging with a Newly purchased Modded SPC900. Looking forward to crisp clear nights.. Best regards and Clear Skies. Joe.
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