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  1. thanks for your help, seems like i am a complete beginner here, i don't understand half of what you just said. Modding cameras? as in changing internal parts? Im gunna have to do more reading up Thank you again for your responses
  2. Hello all, I need a little help on deciding what camera to buy as i have saved up enough to splash out and get one. The cameras that have caught my eye are the current canon range, I have £400-£500 to play with but confused what would be best to suit my needs. I will be using the camera for astronomy and causal sceney and close up photos. To be honest i will be using it more for close up and detailed images of wildlife. The three that are in my price range with the standard lense are the 1100d, 500d and at a push 550d. This will be my first DSLR camera so it's going to be a big learning curve
  3. Theres always a point to something, or other wise we wouldn't do it. I know that's a very important question you ask but US humans we will always search, think, ponder that's are strength and that's what drives us to do great things. Remember it's being done because it gives people a buzz! That's what we like I'm my opinion the odds that there are any other forms of life out there, be it simple or intelligent is high. And in doing what we are doing now is brilliant as we are progressing ourselves and not in a plateau state.
  4. He's a dude, its good that hes not crushing astronomys style due to him not dressing like a pre 80s person. He's good at explaining things but I find his grin funny to look at. lol
  5. I thought it was very good and I strongly hope this gets more people interested in astronomy. I like it how Mr Cox talks about an apocalypse as it will make more people aware that we are very fragile on our planet and at some point in the future we will not extist. We could prolong the time we have left if more people took an interest in it. Defo better than last year tho for sure, maybe a bit more LIVE Gazeing.
  6. Ill defo be coming, im only in Leighton Buzzard. Hopefully see you there daz.
  7. Indeed zainraza, until that day comes when we unbox our 10" we will have to enjoy what we have. As i say use your barlow and 10mm on jupiter and it's pretty good detail if your eyes are good. The moon looks great with just the 10mm, or barlow and 25mm.
  8. I can see your Aperture is 130mm but whats the focal length of your scope?, If its the same as mine 900mm then im afriad your going to struggle, even when I use 180 mag (10mm EP with barlow x2) Venus is just a blob. Ive even ramped it up to x240 and then can't focus on it at all. Jupiter is the only planet im yet to see detail on with my scope. Think we need a bigger one
  9. Just let my scope cool for 40mins and had a look at Uranus before it falls below my view. Was at mag 180 and 72, looking down both eye pieces I noticed that Uranus is displayed as the light spectrum from one side to the other, like a rainbow. Any idea why this is? My thoughts are atmosphere making this happen (due to it being low on the horizon). Or my equipment is at fault.
  10. Didn't think you would be able to see much at all before it gets dark. Gunna get out tonight then.
  11. The wow factor is what makes it great!
  12. Sore Jupiter last night under x240 mag with my 5" Reflector, could make out the two red bands and four moons. If i go more mag with my scope i can't focus it at all.
  13. super clear tonight, hopefully no clouds will creep up. Going out in te minus 59 minutes!
  14. Get a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Google sky maps
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