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  1. Hi Chris, I too have just got the 1145P but have not had a proper chance to try it out yet. It looks like a learning curve from here do you think? How are you finding the scope so far as I am still waiting hopefully as to what I will see.
  2. I've just got a heavy duty fishing box but there's not much in it. I'm a real beginner so it's still observing in the back garden (when the skies are clear) for me at the moment. I keep all my eye pieces in their original cases and then in a tuppaware box. I also have my flask and torch and reference books in there. Plus it doubles as a seat with a decent padding!
  3. Hi Tazni I'm in Sheffield too. Sheffield has a really good society, here is there website www.sheffieldastro.org.uk/
  4. Quick fix for this one. Take a flask out with you ready done!
  5. I may sound quite niave but are you guys all being serious?
  6. Does anybody know how or where I can purchase a carry case for my SkyHawk 1145P. I do have a template which came with BBc skyatNight Magazine but don't fancy cutting all that wood!
  7. Yes Thanks Cosmo, I was just thinking of using my girlfriends really but i like the idea of fishing out an old rear bike light from the garage now.
  8. Yes but it's saved me £10 including delivery charge! Astronomy is an expensive enough hobby as it is. I would never take short cuts on quality equipment or accessories but this is a good tip. Will the nail varnish stop any pin holes of white light?
  9. Hiya Mark, I don't have to ask twice which team you support. I am Sheffield born and bread and a fellow blade. You picked up on that pretty quickly. Maybe our signatures should read - Here's to clear skies and up the Blades!
  10. Thanks for all your welcome messages and the hint about the starhopping book, I am just starting my collection of reference and guide books and think that will be a sound addition
  11. Hello Everybody, I am a new member and new to Astronomy. I have always has a love of Astronomy and Celestial viewing but I’ve only just taken it up as a serious hobby. I recently purchased a Skywatcher 1145P as my first scope and so far am pleased with it aesthetically and the quality of it. However I have not managed to try it out properly yet due to busy time of year etc. I look forward to learning the basic including starhopping, charts and figures etc, although I made need some assistance!! Jonathan
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