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  1. I thought about getting one to help me pinpoint. Did a bit of research and found out all the down sides and decided not to. I would be using the scope with my 8yr old son and I just know he'd think it was a light saber!!, and we are also in a stacking area for various airports and that wouldn't go down to well.
  2. cabby


    Hi and welcome
  3. Have you managed to view any of the gas giants? and if so how awesome did they look? I can't wait to see one. Jupiter is just sat there at the moment waiting to be looked at properly!!! We are just getting to grips with it at the mo, and finding our way around (when it's clear!!) Been looking mainly at Jupiter and the moon and just moving around seeing what we can find, and when we do trying to figure out what it is!!
  4. I bought our first scope a month ago. You are looking at the same 2 I did, as it was for my son (and me ) I didn't want to spend to much in case he didn't like it. We ended up getting the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ from ebay (secondhand) as it was nearly new, local to us and £99. There didn't seem to be any difference between the 2 and if you can get a good one you still have money left for other bits and pieces. So far we have had a great time and with the help of some new eyepieces some fantastic viewing.
  5. cabby


    Hi and welcome
  6. Hi and welcome to the SGL
  7. Being a newbie we've just bought our first scope. I had a 2x Barlow, 20 and 10mm ep's that came with our scope but these especially the barlow was cheap. I've just bought the Celestron set of ep's and filters in a flight case, not new but second hand from Ebay for £89. Used the new lenses last night and the difference was amazing. I know they are not great but already the difference has made it worthwhile.
  8. there could be more Eddy Stobart spotters than train spotters nowadays, often see a group sat at the Dartford Tunnel roundabout!
  9. Wow that is a fantastic image, I could sit and look at it for hours!
  10. cabby


    Hi and welcome
  11. Clear skies here in south Essex but really wet from dew. Spent half the night cursing the various neighbours for having every available light on and pointing in my direction packed it all away and now all the lights are off might pop out with the bins later
  12. Being new to all this I experienced dew for the first time tonight. I haven't got a shield or heater but the scope came through really well, I had no fogging except on the eyepieces. I store my scope in the shed so gave it a good rub down with a tea towel, left the cap off and tilted it down. My ep's are in a flight case with gel bags so any moisture I miss the bags will hopefully get.
  13. cabby


    Hi Mike and welcome
  14. cabby

    Hi From Essex

    Hi Bluey and welcome from another Essex newbie, should be clear tonight
  15. Was flicking through the channels last night as you do (cloudy!!) and found that Discovery Science on Sky are having a space week this week. Oh and the weather man said most of the country would be clear tonight! heard that before!!
  16. Thanks for that, just had a quick look and it looks great. My kids are going to love it.
  17. cabby


    Hi Craig and welcome, here's hoping for clear skies when the scope arrives
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