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  1. hi all, thanks again for all the help,been having very bad weather here,so not been able to get out,but the good news is i have now sussed out how to polar align and then star align chose the tour from the handset but was unable to see anything much as the mist was rolling in,could only see jupiter as a fuzzy disc so i knew i was not going to see anything else,but i was just so happy that i had now got this gear working so i just had to play around with it for awhile lol.i noticed that when slewing to various targets the ep was in some very hard places to reach,as i didn't have steps i just used a crate,not ideal but it did the job. is it possible to set my notebook up with the scope so that i can view on the notebook screen rather that using the ep on the scope,was just thinking that when i get the observatory there wont be much room for climbing about in there so if its possible to view on the notebook screen that would be great,if this can be done what equipment will i need to get,IE cables ect ect,thanks in advance for any help in this matter,just need this fog and mist to clear so that i can get outside and do my first real viewing session.
  2. hi mick,yup i got the home and park sussed,i have to break all the kit down every night and bring it inside as i have nothing to home it in as of yet.
  3. lmao,what one,the one im using or the new one i got from your link if its the one i have on the handset its not my fault,im deffo blaming the other half for that as she was the one who looked it up and put it into the handset lol.
  4. lol. my handset at the moment reads 000 40 E 51 31 N. the readings that i got from the link you sent were, 000 24 E 51 31 N. could that be my problem ?
  5. then i think we just might have found my problem,on the handset it reads as follows........000 40 E 51 52 N.
  6. google maps say longitude 0 405163 E latitude 51 deg 52 min 5807 sec,my clock is set to 52 deg on the mount ? scarecrow where is just around the corner,i have a felling i might be needing your services lol.
  7. handset is all a ok as for how far the star is out....well i have to move the scope about 2ft.
  8. thank you scarecrow,i shall try again tonight...if clear,and hope this time to get it cracked,thanks again
  9. yes i believe so celeste,i must have done this hundreds of times now and even got the other half to check,she even had a try herself but with the same results as me lol.
  10. ok,im putting the mount facing north with a setting of 52 deg on the side clock (black plastic disc) my latitude being 51 deg 52 mins,the scope is in the home position,turn on the power and set up for the star align,first star is never in the main scope let alone the finder ? thats what happens every time,thanks for trying to help
  11. thank you scarecrow,ive been watching those and others,im slowly getting there with bits and pieces,guess its just a case of once you know something it seems so easy,works for everything in life i guess.......i shall keep trying
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