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  1. Hi Keith,very good descriptions, All i can say is that it works, And if it does not there are the manual star alignment as a alternative, well I dont think it's on a SE mount? but it seems stable enough (yes more weight on the tripod would be better) But we all like and dislike different thing's, for the price of a decent eye piece the new auto alignment system was worth the price. All i can say after using it is, Yes i would buy another. and there is no gimmick's either it is similar to some military types of guidance systems. I hope you get a chance to use one at a star party or telescope store and i would really like to hear your review afterwords. have a great day! john
  2. Well I am curious where you found your data or report justifying this horrible review?, I own a sky prodigy 6 and a meade et-125, a 12" lightbridge and a etx-90. all are great telescopes and can bring many good hours searching the night sky. The only draw back is aligning can be troublesome some evenings,and the dob takes a lot of time finding faint object's. My experience with the sky prodigy 6 is amazing, no alignment, no alignment stars, no pointing at polaris nothing!, just turn it on and let it do it's thing. and it is very accurate also. so where did you use a sky prodigy scope and what did it do that made you hostile towards it?. my guess is you have not used one yet, but if you do you probably will write a new review and a positive one at that. seeya john
  3. what is a wixey? and where did you get your setting circle from? thanks john
  4. Hello I have a meade lightbridge and want to use my cell phone skyeye app to guide my scope. I find that even mounting the cellphone on a aluminum (non magnetic) dove tail 6 inches above the scope that the phone still picks up the scope tube and orients the azmuth of the app wrong. I used a small magnet to try to offset the cells direction and it seems to work but does not keep accuracy. Does anyone have any ideas to fix the bad magnetic field that the metal scope tube gives off? thanks! and happy holidays! john..
  5. Hi!, your post on how the eyes work was very educational. It is always better when you can understand how things work instead of just using averted vision. nice job thank"s
  6. Thanks Mark, Great job, I am pleased with your great explanation of star hopping. it is a real keeper. seeya john:hello2:
  7. Just What I need!,been struggling here since i have bought the new 12 lightbridge, almost impossible here, even when i use google earth i still have trouble, sounds great, It may save me from going back to only a etx auto guiding scope. thanks,,john
  8. Well i live up by cooperstown,a few hours from you,hope you made out ok with the hurricane. My dobsonion is great, But finding things in the night sky is impossible even when you know where they should be. a protractor under the main tube clutch and a compass on the side did not help like i thought it would. what works for you?? seeya boogieman
  9. hi I am in the country,our town does not have a traffic light and no street lights here,tv is by satellite only,no cable either and the internet is dsl onlybefore that was satellite internet,nice but expensive and limited. I am located 15 miles west of cooperstown ny and about 30 miles south of utica ny. seeya john
  10. Hello my name is john and have been looking up for a long time, but never to learn. So in my middle fiftys now i have the chance to soak up some knowlage about that beutiful night sky, It has a magic about it that can calm down a stressful moment and erase all tension just by looking up,amazing. So for a year on and off i have been buying different scopes and observing when i can, I never really learned the cosmos in my backyard because my etx 125 went automatic to what ever i wanted to see. But now my wife has bought me a 12" lightbridge dobsonion, what a difference it has made, i get lost easly and am finally learning some of the sky. So now we have a small observatory on the way made custom by the amish with a detachable roof, i have to build the outside framework and put the rails and rollers on myself, next week will be exciting for me when it arrives. anyhow i am a man with many hobbies,but only two i am real serious about, astronomy and ham radio. guess this is enough for one post,I look forward to hearing from the group and am always open minded to new ideas. seeya john alias boogieman.
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