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  1. FREE GIMP GIMP - for Windows $399 Photoshop Lightroom with FREE Wacom Intuos4 Medium Global Sites (US) €479 Photoshop Elements / Autodesk Sketchbook / PainterSketchpad with FREE Wacom Intuos 4 Large Wacom Europe GmbH
  2. For what most people need it for on here, GIMP is free, it works. It has all the tools and accuracy one needs on here. Curves, Levels, Saturation, High pass layers (via scripts / add ins), channels, colour stretching. Gimp does all that, free, even with very large 8k x 8k mosaics it works reasonably fast (slower sure but not very slow), I know, I tried this last night lol. PLUS, UPRADES are free, PS isn't What features do you actually need that Gimp hasn't got that worth forking out the price of a small telescope for? It even works with Wacom tablets / cintiqs. Btw if you purchased a Wacom, you get some software free, try those? I do recommend Wacom Intuos 4 Large's, why pay hundreds for a box of software, when you can pay hundreds for a WACOM TABLET, AND FREE SOFTWARE. Think about it. Would you rather have Photoshop legally or a new telescope? I know which one I would prefer lol The more I compare PS to a new telescope or accessories, or camera, the less appealing it becomes lol.
  3. Luggage allowance on budget airlines is what, 10 kg / 15 kg? Use it That isn't including your cabin luggage PLUS; it gets there SAME DAY What a service Bono can send his hat around the world first class, why cant you send your scope to Germany for budget?
  4. Perhaps the Inland Revenue would like to see Uranus.
  5. Ryan Air / Easy Jet on special 1 pence offer (plus airport taxes) Rugged packed case Meet at airport. Same day return home. Easy. Cheap. Fun. Alternatively get him to send a courier, deduct it from the price. His couriers could be cheaper.
  6. Try one of those "pre pay" independant couriers. More and more are poping up as lots are making their own work. Fedex is too damn expensive, just make sure it is covered in their shipping, alternatively you could book a flight and pack it securely yourself in a good case, a return flight is sometimes cheaper than shipping from certain suppliers here. Just meet him at the airport lol and then fly back. Cheaper even if you pay the excess luggage fees. And no I am not kidding.
  7. Nevermind the scales, I don't trust the latitude bolts on the Skywatcher mounts lol Every turn, you are one turn closer to them bending.
  8. Now that is a good idea I like your thinking.
  9. What solutions are available for 1 meter long refractors? But 100 GBP for a metal bar and mini weight? Ridiculous. I can get a 150kg Olympic straight weightlifting bar for a couple of hundred. That is as ridiculous as Jessops trying to charge me 250 GBP on a 2 pence USB connector repair under warranty on a Canon camera which costs 300 GBP Im in the wrong business ! Lol I should get me some of this astronomy/Scamera store action. Lol; price gouging really gets on my wick lol
  10. Well, the one on the left looks like a Lemon, the one on the right looks like an Orange. So its all Lemons and Oranges to me.
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