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  1. Yes. Thats very similar. The black arm that supports the tube has a slot with a nut inside. On some pictures I see a multi-function mount or l mount thst slots into these grooves thats why I'm concerned it should have been included. At present the tube just goes directly into the arm and is supported by one rotating screw underneath. It seems a bit flimsy.
  2. Just picked up a cheap 130p scope from Skymax. The problem is that where the tube should mount, there appears to be no L mount or multi-function mount on the tripod? Should this be included as I can at present just mount the tube directly by just slotting it in and tightening it with the retaining nut but it doesn't look right? Any help much appreciated
  3. +1 For the Moon. It could take a year or more to find all the craters and mountains and seas by name. Researching the moon is a great way to keep motivated.
  4. It'll get you the shots of the planets,moon with some detail. If your happy with just getting the shot,yeh it'll do. Stars don't like being photographed with a Dob.
  5. You may have a budget of £300 but that doesn;t mean you have to spend every penny. Get the Skyliner 150p Dob. This will not break your back and the money left over to buy odds and sods which are always a factor.
  6. In the meantime research dark areas in your location and don't forget a good holdall bag. The researching bit can be great fun. Just get a good pair of bins and an OS map away from towns,cities even villages and make a note of the best dark skies rating them as you go along.
  7. Get yourself a good bag and jump on the next bus out of town
  8. Try this site to discover what you'll see. Field of view Calculator<script src="title2.js"></script>
  9. Well I have a mouse loose around the house for over a year. And he gets through 5mm gaps. He's so cheeky he even stops to look at us before going on his way. At first we wanted rid of him. Now hes just another lodger.
  10. How many of you moved to an area beacuae it has a dark sky reputation or very near to one? I keep looking at properties mid Wales and being fortunate enough to be self employed from home its easier to do. But dark skies are almost the same excitement as aperture.
  11. There is quite pronounced light pollution at Brecon and even at the centre. Your right, you need to travel further NW. But the problem like you is time spent travelling. I' ll travel 2 hours to get to a dark site, but thats my limit.
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