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  1. Thx for all you input. ended up ordering a barley used one via a Swedish store. Gives me better possibility's for returning the scope if I find it to be damaged. Also ordered a small collection of EP´s in a handy aluminium suitcase to get me started again: 6mm super plössl (1.25")9mm super plössl (1.25")15mm super plössl (1.25")32mm super plössl (1.25")2x akromatisk barlow lens (1.25")Looks a little something like this =)
  2. Great prices, steep shipping costs. A damn shame really. Taxes over here are messed up. Even with a 300$ shipping cost it would beat the swedish total price with a 100$
  3. Ok. For the extra euros I have to pay for cash on delivery, I still save money, big time. As in a set of 4 Baader EP´s cheaper =) It says however that it will be in stock in 1-2 weeks. And I have seen that statement on lots of the scopes on their site. So I emailed them for this particular model, see if I can get a specific shipment date. If I find it to be reasonable, I will try them out. Even if customs has anything to say, I wont have payed up front.
  4. Thx for the answer. This price is in line with my local store site. The site I'm wondering about beats it with almost 100£, including international shipment it would cost me 443,22£. So I'm thinking they don't pay any taxes here and can hold down the prices? Hmm
  5. I can also add that they do support Cash on delivery via UPS, guess that speaks in their favor. Tho, that way is 18€ more expensive.
  6. Hi everybody. Im back after a 3 year break. Getting into astronomy again and are looking at buying the Omni 127 XLT. http://www.astrostore.se/se/teleskop-celestron-omni-xlt-127-se?search=omni%20127 Thing is, i found a site called astrostore.se, it brags about being the biggest astro supplier in northern EU with several affiliate sites, Teleskopiem.lv - in Latvia, Teleskoobid.ee - in Estonia, Teleskooppi.fi - in Finland, and StarStore.eu - in Europe. I would like to know if anyone in the community can vouch for them since I cant seem to find a single real review of the .eu or .se sites. Would suck to pay 500+€ and get scammed. Have a nice evening =)
  7. Probably OK by now. As with everything, when something is wrong EVERONE complains. If it ok, you hear nothing instead. But of the 2 major retailers here in sweden only one has that tube. makes me think that the one that does´nt carry it knows about the "bug" Probably only my own brain-ghost on the last point. =D
  8. I´´m actually in the process of buying a OTA SW-150P or 150PL, a tad longer. This thread makes me a bit worried. One of my current problems with my celestron 130eq is collimation and a poor focuser that "wiggles". Want to get far away from those problems. =D So, is this a common thing with SW scopes or just a sunday ex?
  9. Thank you for explaining this. The camera showed more or less of the dark area depending how much i zoomed in or out. It´s a normal digital camera with 21x optical zoom. A nice compact but nothing more. And yes, you are wright. I tested it out in the dark and it felt alot better. Since my 32mm and 7mm Ep´s are multicoated i thought that reflections were abolished, it seems not to be the case. And the longer from the Ep, the clearer the spider gets. Say 20 cm and i se it clear as day in the middle of the lens. But perhaps all of this is normal when I work on it in daytime.
  10. And it´s sealed with silicone = dust and waterproof
  11. About 150-200 meters to the balcony from where I stand. Something between this: ((look at the satellite dish) And this: (top right of the dish) And this is how it look in the focuser. Not easy to take a good picture, holding it straight and steadyby hand and all. But you can see that it does not look terrible...
  12. I can focus it. But in the middle of the lens it appears to be slightly out of focus. Se if I can capture an image of this
  13. Ï would say about 50-70 meters. Probably closer to 70. The thing is it did not matter if i used the 20mm or the 32mm ep. Same story all the same. It´s not like the image gets detroyed, but it´s annoying. I could take out it now and test on something a bit further out. See if it helps. And another thing, I can see the edge on one side of the secondary mirror, but with the c-cap it looks good when i cover the main mirror. It´s in the middle of the focuser and a more or less perfect circle. I think that the main mirror need adjustment, but then the central mark would not appear to be centred in the ep. Maby if i reset the main all together and try to adjusting it again?
  14. He guards his master =), but on the picture he´s just beeing lazy. Ok, thanks for the answer. And you are wright, the focuser is high, like 1-2 cm from absolute max. If the weather stays the same I could try it out tonight and test out your theory. I measured out, and made my own centermark yesterday, I´m about to buy a cheshire collimator. Seems to be the easiest way for a noob like me. This will only be my second season. But I´m already contemplating getting a bigger scope. We´ll se. This will do for now.
  15. I have been trying to collimate my newton f5. And I think it´s pretty much with in the tolerances. But when i turn it towards a tree or a building in the distance and focus, in the image I see the spider reflecting. I have to have my eye pressed against the okular to avoid it. And I cant remember that it was like this before. Is this because I´m trying it in daylight, if so, does it dissapear in the dark? I followed a guide and it does not mention this fenomenon. Its just lika a vauge glare in the center of the lens. Starting to get dark in a week or two so I want the scope to be in prime condition. I have buildt an extremly sturdy case, so I will probably not need to collimate it so often, Two pictures below just to show u guys. Me and my cousin build it. It´s an old case from the army, it originally held a distance measurer Anyone here that wishes to weigh in, be my guest. /Christian (Sorry for my second grade english, I´m a swede after all and we speak swedish =)
  16. Just came home. Saw mars and Demios, the moon. Really cool stuff. The pleiads and jupiter as eall. And some other stuff.. Cold as ice though...................
  17. Well, my dog met at new friend. No Andromeda tonight. But I wonder, if the primary mirror doesn´t have a mark at all. How do I know if the secondary mirros is allaigned? Is a laser possible to use. Maby i´m all backwards. I sent an e-mail to Astrosweden where I bought the scope. They have been nice to deal with in the past so.... Well. It might take 2 weeks before I can collimate for real. But it´s not un usable until then
  18. First. Thank you all for the great advice. Second. I´m actually aiming for Andromeda tonight. See what i can find. I´m going to watch the pics and guides now. Get back to you all if I have any doubts.
  19. If you want, you can read this. A little story about the sisters. Mainly how the ancient Greeks looked upon them
  20. I love this forum. Quick and great replies. In my new EP, SP 32mm the "seven sisters" or m45 (if I´m not mistaken?) looks awesome. I got to see so much more of the sky than before. Really happy with that one. Could see it/them even though the full moon made it nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. I have a question, I have watched/read allot of collimating guides. The rings I´m supposed to see does not exist. When i turn the focus-er, in either direction, all I get is the spider. No more no less so to speak. Not the rings that can determine if its ok or not. Why?
  21. I would say that my night sky is a 5 or so, 6 perhaps, on the Bortle Scale. But it depends in witch direction I point my scope. Live on the far, south edge of the city. Something I would want to see in a guide is a clear answer on what to expect. For a guy like me who draws inspiration from all the wonderful DSO pictures, that is important. I now know that it´s all in black and white. But still, that´s an important thing. Also, why not include some things that the reader can go out and look for? You have probably already thought about all this stuff. Off topic. Uranus, is it possible to see that it is a planet. Or is it the same as a bright star? I have looked for it. But where it should be, I only find a bright star. So perhaps I´m way off course.
  22. I just came gome again. My dog started to shiver. Anyway.. Looked at the pleiads (think I need a spellcheck!) the cluster to the left of Jupiter. 4½/5 for the new SW 32nn s.plossl. Love it. Have another noobie question. How to collimate without the black dot in the middle of the base mirror? R u supposed to guess where the middle is when using the laser?
  23. I need to ask u guys a couple of questions. There are ALOT of threads on this. So this seemed some what easier. Creating a new thread for the equipment I have. It is as follows; Celestron Astromaster 130EQ (650mm x 130mm) An F5 if i´m not mistaken. Celestron 10mm & 20mm EP´s Skywatcher SP 7.5mm & 32mm EP´s Celestron Omni Barlow x2 Is it possible to see other things than the close planets, the moon and open star clusters? Lets say, the great nebula in Orion, is this possible to see? I´m a total noob amateur. I read some where that a scope like mine are good for DSO because of the big field of view. Is this correct? Stupid question nr 3. Is total darkness an ABSOLUTE MUST? I live at the edge of a city (Norrköping, Sweden about 120.000 citizens) So its dark in the east/south, compared to the north, over the city.... This got way longer then I wanted. Well well. Any pointers are good for me. Thx
  24. It´s official. Just saw jupiter and several moons. Not a single cloud on the day I finally could go and get my scope at the post office. Cool. Now I could need som better EP´s with a wider view. Loving this. Stiff back and cold hands.
  25. Available on piratebay? *Haha* Just kidding. Good luck m8
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