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  1. I was just looking at the night sky and it looks like the moon is going to pass in front of jupiter is this going to happen cause i think this will be a pretty good watch through the scope.
  2. brascoe

    Hi From Essex

    welcome to sgl clear skies tonight
  3. just looking at them does it matter if they arent completely flat if that makes sense if you look at them they look slightly twisted is this correct? does it matter ?
  4. I need some help i know ive posted loads of threads about i wanna get a 8" dob etc but im thinking of changing my mind and going for something else. Ive been checking out ppls astro photos and thinking wow i would like to get into that and have some pics on the wall of what ive taken. i think it would be great to look at them and think wow i took them. The question ive got if i do decide to get into it does the scope have to be as good aperture as a dob or does it work differently to aperture.
  5. i used to live in wallington up until a few months ago light pollution round there is a nightmare at least you have the downs just down the road which isnt to far.
  6. Was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on this scope as ive seen a second hand one for a good price with mount £175.00 wanted to know what i could expect to see etc all the normal questions also which is better a 8" dob or this
  7. Its in the bbc sky at night mag tells you everything you need to know.
  8. Ive been all over the west country cardiff exeter bristol bath im always looking out for what could be good spots lol
  9. Is that the new forest way thats where ive been thinking of going not to sure what its like at night it seems like iw would be pretty dark or i was thinking of queen elizabeth country park
  10. just wondered how far ppl travel to get a good decent dark sky not for sp's etc.... I mean say you wake up check the weather think ill go look at the stars tonight im just wondering how far ppl are willing to travel. I was speaking to someone the otherday about there scope they were selling on here and he said the man he got the scope from moved to australia to get some good skies.
  11. with this passing inbetween the us and the moon on the 8th of next month what would be needed to have a good view of this would it be just a half decent set of binosits gonna be mag 11 if that helps.
  12. yeah was just reading about it in next months edition of sky at night but knowing uks luck with weather etc will be cloudy or snowing lol:D
  13. with this passing inbetween the us and the moon on the 8th of next month what would be needed to have a good view of this would it be just a half decent set of binos ?
  14. yep its me being a numpty again not reading things properly not to self READ THINGS PROPERLY!
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