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  1. Hi Chris!

    Basically you need a handset. I have a NEQ6 and HEQ5, the latter just with an EQDIR cable.

    What I did was simply switch the cable attached to the NEQ handset (a com port type connector) for a 'network' type cable that fits the HEQ, and I could use the utility function to dim the bright display. Once dimmed, it stays dimmed.

    Until I realised how easy it was to fix, I was thinking I would need to find a fellow SGer nearby and borrow a handset. So, do you have access to a handset? If not, where do u live?

  2. After using EQMOD, whats a handset??????

    Indeed. Comes in handy when you want to turn down the polarscope illumination tho :lol:

    Thanks guys- you were spot on. I dug out an old network cable and it worked a treat. Interestingly the illumination is 100% out of the box, but as soon as I plugged in my handset it reset to a level approx 38%.

    Next time I setup (of these clouds ever go) I will retry EQASCOMs polardimmer.exe and see if it works now.


  3. I recently bought a new HEQ5 Syntrek, since I use EQMOD I felt no need for the GoTo handset. Also as I have a NEQ6 Pro with its handset gathering dust in a box, I naively thought that I could always use that handset with the HEQ. Not so- the connection to the mount is completely different (why do they do that?).

    My issue are that

    1. the polarscope illumination is set too high- if I had the handset I could turn it down, but alas...

    2. How do I check/ update firmware on the mount? I gather if I did have the latest firmware, EQASCOMs 'Polardimmer.exe' would allow me to turn down the brightness without a handset, but it doesn't work at present. It's a little odd if it doesn't have the latest firmware, as it's new as of Sept 12.

    If I don't get a solution I'll try and borrow a handset from someone nearby ;)

  4. I hope you won't mind me tagging on a related question please-

    My 450D is off to be modified. I've opted for simple filter removal only (the Astronomiser service). I currently use the CLS clip-in, but it sounds like I should consider changing to the CLS-CCD instead.

    Would I notice much difference either way? I read the comment about star bloat and yes, I will be using it with a refractor.

    Thanks :)

  5. This is my M13 from last October with a SPC900 LX on my Skymax Mak 127

    I think it was ~20 x 15 sec exposures. I was really pleased with it for AltAz :)

    Getting the core on the chip was a faff!


    Visually, you need to use averted vision to 'get' M13 with the Mak :)

    Funnily enough, I'm on M13 now with my ED80, this time guided on my EQ!

  6. It's certainly a great idea.

    In Feb I spent a very happy week at 'Astoadventures' in N Devon and when the clouds beggared-orf the sky was stunning.

    Your friends could do worse than look at their business model (2 wood cabin chalets, 2 obsies) which is comfortable accommodation plus loads of available aperture! The beauty of their set-up is that their Astro kit is there whether you want or not :D

    I haven't Astro-camped before and would be very keen to find out what equipment is best. Specific obsy tents are very expensive. Having seen your lovely website I believe you have a wind-shield arrangement, is that correct Carole?

    Also some advice about seasonal camping... Brrrrrrrr :headbang:

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