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  1. If hes doing an Astronomy Degree he probably will !
  2. I love all the fake experts on here quoting statutory nuisance as an issue the EHO will champion, if its pointing straight in your bedroom all night PERHAPS, but because it stops you enjoying looking at the sky ? --- best of look with that !
  3. Did you pick out the Lunar module, I can *just* make it out with my 130p Heritage.
  4. To be blunt viusual astronomy is always disapointing, endless searching fo yet another faint fuzzy smudge that looks a bit like the last one --- ie dull.
  5. It was OK, but focused too much on a few points and laboured them a lot. Typical BBC slick camera work and ever so moody shots. Not bad though.
  6. Id hazzard a guess it was a UFO, saw something simmilar last week.
  7. Why are people saying hes 'cashing in' when clearly, he isnt ( not that there would be anything wrong if he did) ????
  8. I wouldnt mind geting on the end of it thats for sure, lovely,
  9. Ive seen in with my Heritage 130p from Chester City center - easily
  10. Is it not the same age as the universe, they same as us all ?
  11. I saw that, as im about to do the same, Id be made up getting that !
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