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  1. Amazing.... i love to see what real experts can do, one day (lol one day a blumming long way away) i hope to be doing the same....cheers Paul
  2. Great info and after a couple of read throughs i got it, (i am a complete beginner folks) So now i know what im after i went searching the net etc and came accross this , (hope its ok to put up the link) which seems too good to be true, they are marked plossl and come in near enough or exactly the size im after , can anyone comment if they would be anygood, seems cheap for 4 eye pieces when the cost stated would only just about buy 1 anywhere else ???? Set of Four 1.25" PLOSSL Lens for TELESCOPE, Brand New | eBay if anyone can cast an opinion over them for me it would be much appreciated.. cheers paul
  3. Thanks for the huge welcome folks!! Now let the daft questions begin!!!
  4. Only been a member a very short time but what ive seen so far coupled with a great welcome its nothing short of perfect... keep up the great work and thankyou ......cheers Paul.
  5. Cheers todd8137 , Chesterfield isnt a million miles away to be honest , i may just take you up on your offer.. its got to beat the hell out of scratching my head when things dont work right, even after reading the instructions 18 times and watching the dvd 43 times , instruction hey!!! ya gotta love em!! cheers Paul !!!
  6. Many thanks for the welcome folks, much appreciated... Im looking at hopefully getting to the peak star party for a few hours one day, say hello to people and learn something, maybe try and get myself an invite for the nightime session,basically just to observe what goes on rather than bring my own scope...it really is all very new to me !!! cant wait .... Thats exactly what i said to the wife!!!! the day i got it , it was a clear sunny day ,not a cloud in the sky,that evening,the exact second i got it out the box to set it up, the rain started and hasn't stopped yet. My time will come!!!
  7. Hi All, As per title really, very new to the hobby & forum , desperately trying to get my head round it all... Been reading alot of the threads , couple of beginners books and the odd magazine (mags seem a bit too advanced at the moment) but all in all im hooked and cant wait for the clouds to clear so i can have a dabble... Apparently , after reading some info on the web, ive struck gold with my location being in Buxton / peak district ,due to the 'dark skys' so it would seem i have something right already ,it was pure luck , trust me!!! I currently have a Celestron powerseeker 127 EQ scope now 3 days old, set up as best my current knowledge will allow and the instuctions tell me too,im pretty sure there is lots and lots of adjustments still required on it but im sure that will come in time as i get used to using it, "practise make perfect" i think they say!!!! or on the other hand if theres anyone on the forum who lives in the peaks HELP!!! by god i need it!!! There we go folks, i look forward to getting stuck in and chatting with a good few of you soon, apologies in advance for any daft questions im bound to ask ,but ill search for the answer before asking, no doubt people will have asked the same questions in the past ... Now please can the clouds go away!!!! cheers.........Paul...
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