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  1. Thanks, a nice report. As a real noob to astronomy I really enjoy reading other members reports, they are great for learning starhopping techniques and getting me motivated for when this damn cloud cover I have thins out
  2. Hi Todd I did notice you have a 12" Dob in your sig. I am currently considering an 8" for my first telescope and would be interested to hear your reasoning on why you wish you had chosen this presumably instead of the 12". Could you elaborate please. I am away for a fortnight from tomorrow the 30th so wont be able to reply but will certainly look up your response as soon as I get the chance. many thanks
  3. Chinese engineering may be improving over the last decade but their screws and bolts do still appear to be made of cheese. I would advise changing any load bearing fasteners on your beloved equipment with a quality EU stainless steel alternative. Hovever if you are really unlucky you might still find the occasional oddball Chinese thread size with no available replacement.......Why do they do that : (
  4. Thanks Gents Peter your right, I want to see more and deeper and am not too bothered about the same field of view through a telescope. So the next step is to find a Dobsonian local to me so I can have a peep and see the results. Thinking an 8" would be a good place to start but already made the mistake of visiting the Obsession telescopes website and looked at the images from the 'BIG' Dobs WoW all I can say is aperture addiction is an expensive mistress...... cheers
  5. Oh! That doesn't sound good.....But being a noob who has never looked through a telescope I'm unsure of how bad it is....? Could I still use the binoviewer with the barlow and wide field EP's on DSO's? Or are you telling me that on a reflector it will be useless for all but mega magnifed lunar observing? The problem is I'm itching to get better observing than my 20 x 50's but I'm really unsure whether I want to go with the 100mm bins and parallelogram or if I should put the money into a Dobsonian? I need to find a kindly soul nearby who will let me have a peek through their kit. I'll go and ask in the appropriate section...But away on holiday for 2 weeks on Tuesday so I'll wait till I get back thanks
  6. As a noob currently using 20 x 50's and a tripod I am thinking ahead here saving toward a future £500 upgrade to my kit. Initially considered a pair of 25 x 100's and a parrallelogram as I like the idea of continuing to observe with both eyes and I have seen a lot of users online with this kit so the views must be good right? But for the same money I could buy a Skywatcher 200p Dobsonian and a binoviewer. Now I understand that with the Dob and binoviewer that the view will still be inverted or mirrored but surely the increase in aperture will make observing with the dob far superior to the bins and therefore a very worthwhile alternative for the money.....? I assume set up time wouldn't be much between either set up? So can anyone explain any advantages or disadvantages one would have over the other? thanks
  7. Not neccessarily! The benbo and manfrotto 055xprob (there might be others too) have a centre column that can be set horizontally. This allows you to use the tripod head off centre and allows more viewing alternatives. http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/152394-lazy-observing-binoculars.html#post1916171 Like the pics in the link above I can use my 055xprob in a reclined deck chair or with the legs splayed wide the tripod head is only a few inches from the ground this allows you to even lie on a mat and view at the Zenith in complete comfort, a ball head helps with easy manouverability also. Although new we are talking about £160 or so for tripod and ball head.
  8. I read a good tip somewhere about the best way to hand hold binos unsupported. It involved holding them right at the eye pieces, which can make big bins very front end heavy, wrapping your thumbs around the inside of the eye pieces and cupping your hands around the outside pressing your hands against your face as if you were trying to peer through a window at night. Your thumbs run up each side of your nose effectively you are using your head as a support.
  9. When I went searching for M31 through my 20 x 50 bins last week never thought about following out from Cassiopeia. I searched out nu Andromedae (which was no easy task lol ) and with a clear sky but a waning gibbous moon in the same quarter Andromeda galaxy only showed up as a relatively small faint grey smudge, there was no bright centre and it left me thinking that if this is the brightest dso I aint gong to see any more with these bins, then again that small faint grey smudge might just have been the bright centre washed out because of the bright moon, no?
  10. I got the Collins Stars and Planets guide from the library its very detailed and useful out in the field, with monthly sky charts and each constellation has at least two pages, one with its chart and all the deep sky objects visible within and another with the information. It has very good moon maps as well. It is however slighty too big for all but my winter jacket pocket.
  11. Guess it depends on how you like to do your observing. I like to get comfy and use a manfrotto 055xprob which is a good solid tripod with good height and the centre column can be fed horizontally to put the head off centre so that you can easily use the binos from a seated position beside the tripod it is also good for viewing at the Zenith. I'm currently using it with my 20 x 50's but sure it will be suitable for 15 x 70's. You will also need a head for it. Like this but I dont have a counter weight I just splay the legs farther. http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/152394-lazy-observing-binoculars.html#post1916171 Another tripod which has an offset centre column is the benbo trekker havent used one so unsure if it will handle the 15 x 70's. Heard of some folks using monopods nice cheap option but isnt going to be as versatile as the above Or how about forgetting the tripod and build a mirror mount like this... http://stargazerslounge.com/observing-binoculars/76542-binocular-comfort.html
  12. Or ask one retailer what they would give you for it and another what they would charge you for buying it used and find some middle ground?
  13. I couldn't get either of these links to work either in the wayback machine internet archive they were trying to load in or just by pasting the original url.... Okay it loads if I press the impatient link on the page LOL cheers
  14. I feel for ya, it must be hellava frustrating alright having all that lovely gear with these skies. As a noob they're putting me off investing in even a half decent scope. "could not see m101 & 51 with binoculars :mad:" Should M101 be visible through binos? I spent about an hour searching for it last night through the 20 x 50's without success. I reckon I've got about mag 6 visible to the north from my back door above about 35° so expected to see something......
  15. WoW 40% further into space sounds like a deal.....Thanks for the info. I really didn't think that 20mm would make that much difference. Was considering going to a pair of 25 x 100 but baulked at the price I mean thats a Skyliner 200p. Look there's me talked myself into an 8" mirror right off the bat Never mind cant really justify that much outlay after just 3 weeks as a stargazer. But would really like a bit more already so the £60 upgrade to the 15 x 70 might be a more sensible first step. I'll look into that when I'm back my hols.
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