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  1. Details around Aristarchus crater and around Gassendi at Mare Humorum, imaged through my 12" newtonian, using JAI machine-vision industrial camera I borrowed from work. Poor seeing resulted in heavy processing of the final images...
  2. Imaged through my 12" newtonian and using a JAI machine-vision industrial camera I borrowed from work. After processing I noticed hints of altogether four Saturnian moons. Seeing was rather poor though.
  3. Hi all, I want to share with you my so far best image of Saturn, taken using: 305/1500 goto dob Skywatcher QHY-5 mono IR-UV block filter Baader barlow 2.25 Registax, stack of 40 images, postprocessing
  4. Seeing was mostly poor, but I am quite happy with how it came out
  5. The clouds parted some time after first contact and lasted for some 20 minutes. If it were clear, I could have watched it about 4/5 of the way through the transit, up to dusk. Attached is a photo of a setup I used
  6. It occured to me that I should share with you the timelapes of this year's Mercury transit as seen from Czech Republic. The clouds have parted for some 20 minuts, allowing me to capture this timelapse. I shot it with a modified webcam, Baader 2.25x Barlow and UV/IR cut filter, using my former SW MAK 102/1300.
  7. It has been too long since I contributed anything to the forum, so I thought to share with you my latest try in planetary astrophotography. Actually it is my first try with SW 300p Goto Flextube dobsonian which I recently acquired. I wanted to try out how the system tracks for webcam astrophotography, which is my second point of interest after visual observing. In short - it tracked quite well - no jerkyness in tracking, very smooth, stable and centred for a long time, and I am also very happy with my old motor focus which helped me out tremendously. The conditions were very poor though,
  8. I have had a 12" dob, single-sheet flocked, and never noticed any issues
  9. Separately, there is no adapter in the box as far as I know. You can read more about it here, directly from Baader Planetarium: http://www.baader-planetarium.com/pdf/hyperion_brief_description_e.pdf I think info you need is on the next-to-last page
  10. Yep, it can: http://hyperionzoomlover.blogspot.cz/2011/05/hyperion-mark-iii-8-24mm-zoom-dslr.html
  11. It certainly makes a difference - not only to the Zoom eyepiece, but to many other uses. Let me put it this way: I have bought the Hyperion Barlow 2.25x separatly and now, after having it for a while, I regret that I did not buy the barlow with the eyepiece together in the first place! From what I can tell, for the money, it is an excellent piece of glass. Certainly, it is designed to work best with the Hyperion Zoom eyepiece, so I reckon it compensates for the Zoom eyepiece abberations best, but you can screw it onto any 1.25" eyepiece and it will work perfectly fine, as any other Barlow. Wi
  12. Thank you very much for the input. I have had my suspitions but it is nice to have them confirmed
  13. Please advise, Is Skywatcher's small 102/1300 Mak using: A - Gregory-Maksutov (spot) system with a coated centre spot on the meniscus, or B - Rutten-Maksutov system with a separate secondary mirror cemented to the meniscus?
  14. This may sound like a article name from a teenage magazine, but I've had my first serious try at Venus this afternoon. I was freezing cold and had issues with both SW and HW, but here are my results
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