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  1. These are really good i purchased mine from liddles about a year ago , you can sit for hours waiting for the clouds to clear no problem.
  2. Oh yeah, that threw me too! I am curious, what does OSD stand for ? Obsessive-compulsive disorder perhaps. Old Surf Dude ,(the kids idea) but obsessive-comp disorder would work as well. :scratch:
  3. OOps sorry :oops: I wiil take your word for it ,and yes i was in a rush to get out .
  4. Call me a woos if you like but Its gona be -9 here tonight (tuesday) so i will be watching BBC 4 from 8pm .
  5. I know what you mean guys this weather is Rubbish for astronomy , my solution was to find something you CAN do when the weathers Rubbish! I have just been windsurfing (sat 9) first time out in six weeks due to a spell in hospital. It was raining and blowing around 28 knots , i can honestly say i was happy as a pig in **** , now just need the skys to clear so i can have a sit down. Just an idea!!
  6. You lucky puppy Go for it , if i were 20 years younger i would go for sure. Haveing done a self build over here i would think it much easier in NZ and just as rewarding. Dave.
  7. Gaz the boltcase was never a big issue , i was dissapointed at the service and being discouraged from saying so Dave
  8. A destroyed Barlow bolt case. Dave.
  9. Well i have been told to post a new topic on this subject so here goes. If you don't see any more posts from me you can assume i have been " deleted " I purchased an item from sns in december and when it arrived the case had been badly damaged , i emailed sns and got no response ( which i can prove ) after christmas i made a phonecall ( which i can prove )and was told a new boltcase would be sent, anyway i have not heard a thing since. I just cannot understand why companies treat a new and probably lucrative customer like this , just a phone call to say sorry we cant get hold of one would you
  10. Chris i have used the barlow 5 or 6 times now and like you very impressed. A very handy piece of kit. Dave.
  11. Well it has to be getting to use all this new computer controlled equipment which was only science fiction when i was observing last. Looking forward to meeting some of you at my first star party some time this year. :sunny: Have a good one
  12. Sounds like a great idea warthog , if only our wonderfull leaders :nono:would stop taxing us to death i might be able to afford the trip.
  13. Its great reading all these posts, almost makes me jealous of people just starting out in astronomy with so many new things to see "first time" , then again i am finding it just as rewarding second time around , with better equipment yes , but also eyes that are 15 ish years older.
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