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  1. Taliesin


    Hi, welcome to SGL Regards Haz
  2. Taliesin

    Hi everyone

    Hi, welcome to SGL Regards Haz
  3. Taliesin

    Hello there

    Hi, welcome to SGL
  4. Hi Patrik and welcome to SGL
  5. Taliesin


    Hi and welcome to SGL from Birmingham - Hope you manage to find a group to join
  6. Hi Parallax, I too am from Birmingham, from Hall Green. Hope your exam went well...I too have been through the open university but I did Life Sciences...Welcome to SGL and to the world of what I think is the most fascinating hobby one can have! Regards Haz
  7. Hi Amanda, I'm new on here so would've known you from before but welcome...hope to see your notes when you manage to start back again Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  8. Thank for your reply All...I came across this where the guy has added an ST4 port on the EQ5 which made me think it is possible. I guess not
  9. Hi All, I know people are really busy but I am hoping someone can put me out of my misery. I have the above which basically is the EQ5 with dual axis motors and the basic -RA +RA -DEC +DEC controller (with x8, x4 and x2) I want to control this mount via ASCOM and the various software available. I have bought a CP2102 USB to UART (TTL) board which has 6 pins on one side and a USB port on the other My question is that if I connect 5 pins (one pin of the 6 is 3V and one is 5V so only 5 pins would be used in total including the 5V above (not the 3V)) to each of the directions on the hand controller skipping the whole ST-4 (RJ12) modification, will this allow me to control the mount via ASCOM - I'm not going to use a serial port or adapter as the CP2102 is direct USB. What I am getting confused about is that there is no instructions regarding this method of connection. Serial connections require the voltage converting MAX232 chip but does anyone know or has anyone tried connecting by this method with any success. I know there are devices such as the GPUSB and the ready made EQDIRECT devices but I want to know if this method will work without investing in one of these devices. Any help will be much appreciated
  10. Hi All, I currently have 2 mounts and 2 tripods and am looking to sell one of each. I have the Vixen GP mount and a black Skywatcher EQ5 mount (I know they are very similar) I also have the Skywatcher EQ5 steel tripod and a Vixen GP wooden tripod Problem is I don't know which one to keep. Ideally I want to keep the sturdier of each item. Please advise which is likely to be the better mount and tripod so I can sell the others. Thanks
  11. Todd I have tried to contact him but am unable to get through...I think he may be away on holiday but I will try him again in a couple of days Thank you all for the suggestions which I will pursue. I'm also looking into the option of adding a ST-4 port to my hand controller which will give me more options
  12. Merlin/Steve Thank you for your responses. I'm beginning to understand the concept now. Merlin just following on your PHD software and the serial connection. Funnily enough I do have a USB to serial adapter. So if I install the drivers for that, I then connect the serial plug on the hand controller to the converter, is there any other drivers/software I need to get it talking to PHD? I'm most likely to get a USB camera as I don't have any parallel types so I guess the interface isn't really of any use in that instance? Thanks again
  13. Hi All, I'm a bit confused with my latest purchase and despite searching SGL as well as the WWW I haven't been able to make sense of what I have. I purchased an EQ5 mount (used) which has got the RA and DEC motors and the basic hand controller (2x 4x 8x and up down left right buttons) and the battery pack. This is all well However I noticed that the hand controller has been modified whereby there is now a 3rd cable coming out of the hand controller that has a serial connector on the end. Along with the accessories I also received a custom interface which is a little plastic enclosure which has a male seriel port on one side labelled guide, a male parallel connection on the other side and 2 female parallel ports on the top of the box labelled Cam1 and Cam2 I'm guessing the customised serial cable from the hand controller will connect to the serial port labelled 'guide' on the interface, the male parallel connects to the PC and then the 2 female parallel ports can have cams attached for guiding and imaging. My question is...(obviously this is an old setup) but is anyone familiar with this setup. Does it give me any capabilities such as using software to guide/goto using just this setup? Where if any do I get drivers from and also can this be connected dorectly into the PC Sorry I know there are a lot of questions here but I really am confused with this so any help would be very much appreciated Thanks
  14. Hi Ben, welcome to SGL, I too am fairly new here but the guys and gals on here are very warming not to mention extremely helpful
  15. Hi from Birmingham Dennis, welcome...good to see new fellow newbies...
  16. Hi All, Please bear with me on this one I have a C8 on the old Vixen GP mount. I'm looking to increase the FOV for now just for observing but maybe later on for DSI. Do I: 1, Go for a Celestron Focal Reducer/Corrector f6.3 2, Use 2" eyepieces (I already have a 2" Single-speed Crayford Focuser which came with the scope) 3, Buy a separate refractor (Startravel 80) 4, Another suggestion (especially if I am barking up the wrong tree) Also I have a lot of light pollution due to security lights around my apartment block...other than going somewhere dark...is there anything I can use that will enable me to see better for observing? Thanks
  17. Thank you all for the comments and advice, I can't wait to start but looks like clouds again tonight I did consider the whole computerized setup especially with me working in IT but thought against it as it'll be more fun the manual way. The dew shield is definitely something i'll sort get. One question, the wooden tripod certainly does give it the classic look but with the ota being black should I paint the wood black or leave it as is?
  18. Well my lifelong ambition to own a telescope finally came true yesterday. After consideration I decided to go to the used market to purchase it. Being my first telescope I thought I would buy second hand and then see where it takes me. I got a Celestron C8 with a Vixen GP mount and wooden tripod (Ibelieve this is how they came many years ago) with a 2" crayford, 25mm, 17mm (plossl) and 10mm eye pieces, a 2" crayford and a T adaptor. The chap I bought it from Paul was a fantastic guy who spent almost 2 hours going through everything and showed me his other telescope. He was extremely knowledgable and very polite. I can't wait to get really stuck in. Just hope the clouds will thin out over the coming days and weeks. I'm just going to start observing for now Any thoughts and advice will be welcome
  19. Hello all...I just wanted to say that I bought this book on the advice of people on here. It is an absolute must have for anyone. Steve - you really do have a gem here. I've read through about 40 pages word for word so far and flicked through the rest as I am reading and my only advice as a newbie to this amazing world is this book really WILL help you decide what to buy and how much to spend...I've completely gone back on my original impulse desire to buy a huge telescope because it isn't suitable for what I want to do without spending even more money. The money is so well worth it and it will save you hundreds of pounds if not thousands in the long run!
  20. Bizibilder/ Spikey, thank you for your comments and reviews. I think things for me at the moment point to a HEQ5 using EQMOD. I currently live in an apartment so don't have a garden as such where I can set up so most of my observing would be somewhere else which means portability is important. I'm thinking of a refractor specifically the Exostar ED80 DS-Pro as this seems to be a versatile telescope for both planetary and DSO both interms of imaging and observing. I hope to add scopes and accessories but ideally I want to get started with actually owning one and starting to view things up there close up. Before I make my actual decision, I ordered Making Every Photon Count from FLO so once I have read that I will make a final decision...but the HEQ5 seems to be the way
  21. Thank you for your advise so far: Haven't decided on the scope yet but swinging towards the SW ED80 DS-Pro as I wish to do both observing and imaging (thought the imaging will come after, I want to have the mount to avoid selling and buying again) Portability will be important as I live in the heart of Birmingham so will need to drive out a lot of time so have ruled out EQ6 Revs: Funnily enough thats the exact mount I'm thinking of getting so you saying works great is very encouraging...Thank you! Buzibilder: I am looking at the setup you have and may also get the 200p or similar for the visual work...I'm glad to hear I'm not far off. When you say its a starter...what would I get if I wanted to go to the next level? I'm in the process of purchasing the book...as I've heard so many good things about it I figured it will be more than money well spent! So that's going to be on the way. So am I right in thinking that the HEQ5 will accept most of the amateur telescopes on the market as long as its not a heavy bulky thing like the C8-NGTs?
  22. Hi all...well I have to say after joining here and the initial advice in the Welcome forum (which I have to say was so welcoming - the best welcome I have had bar no other forum) and some reading, i'm looking to do planetary as well as deep sky... Initially before the reading and advice I was set on a Nexstar 8SE then found out that it's not great for deep space due to it's mount. So then had my heart set on the C8-SGT as that has an equatorial mount. But on asking FLO, refractors and a sturdy mount is the way to go for best of both. 1st question is has anyone used the C8-SGT with the mount it comes with for deep space 2nd question is what are peoples opinions on the SW HEQ5 with Syntrek using EQMOD to control the mount. I want to go for the better mount but can't afford the full whack but know my IT so was hoping to use the EQMOD software for all the GOTO and tracking etc Any advice will be appreciated
  23. Gosh...Thank you all for the warm welcome...This community really is very welcoming and also from reading the forums, there are a lot of people with a lot of experience who are so willing to share! I'm definitely going to get the book as I've already started looking into the fact that the mount that comes with the 8SE isn't equatorial and so isn't very good for DSO imaging...I have a lot of work to do before I buy but thank you all for the welcome. I hope to delve deep into this fantastic art.
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