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    Welcome to SGL Dave
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    Hi Dave welcome to SGL Andy
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    Hello from Galsgow

    Welcome to SGL Brendant.
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    Welcome to the forum. This is the best one I've found..
  5. Wecome to SGL. It is indeed a wonderful forum!!
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    G'day from Glasgow

    Welcome to SGL Dave. :sunny:
  7. Thank you all very much. You have certainly given me some good ideas. I certainly agree that this hobby is not going to be short lived and I prefer to save and invest in a good scope which will last for a while. Andy
  8. I'm currently posting in the advisory section regarding scopes. I'm really happy with my bins for now and will work towards a scope. I have found a local astonomy society which will give me the opportunity to see various scopes in action and then decide which will be best for me. The impression I am getting is the more you want to view the more you need to spend! The best bit of advice I've had from this forum regarding scopes is: Decide what you want to view before you buy your scope
  9. Thank you very much for that. I realised that indeed, many of you have multiple scopes to suit whatever you choose to look at. That is most certainly where I want to be one day. The part of astronomy that really does interest me is the deep space stuff: far away galaxies things like that. That doesn't mean that I have no interest in our own solar system, far from it. Linking photography into the hobby is definitely something I want to do but I feel I need to build up the basics first. I love the look of the Maksutov scopes Kaptain- good prices and seem quite portable as well... Again my thanks for your help.
  10. As a beginner I suffer from the old problem all beginners have. Scopes coming in all shapes sizes and prices can be a little daunting knowing how much to spend for a good one. I'm not sure what type of scope would suit my requirements either. I have read the excellent articles on this forum describing the different types of scopes and all the features. They all look wonderful. I am eventually looking to possibly spend about £600 on a scope which does everything reasonably well. I am happy to look at the second hand market as well. Is this enough for a decent beginners scope and what type would people recommend as a good purchase? I already own a good set of bins to keep me going for now.... I would appreciate your advice...
  11. Great informative articles. Definitely some of the clearest explanations I have read. Andy
  12. Ian a lovely set up. It is good to actually see this set up because it shows what you can achieve. I still am a little green around the different parts and description, but it will be fun learning about it.
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