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  1. can i confirm is it - polarity or + polarity???
  2. hi all again, we bought the Synscan, finally got it fitted thanks to this site!!!! now stupid me didn't realise it didn't come with power!!! DOH . Question to all is we are going to Maplins tomorrow can you suggest what is the best adapter to get. I know it's a 12v but the lead they give you has a cigarette lighter atachment on it!!! Please help (and call me stupid if you like)
  3. All, this may be a silly question but can anyone recommend a good (not too expensive) pair of night and day vision binoculars. it's basically for viewing stars/ships and night/day animals. thanking you
  4. Hi we own a Skywatcher 200P EQ5. can anyone recommend a good motorised drive kit for either tracking or co-ordinates etc. My husband saw a programme where someone had the same telescope with a motor on it and got all excited.
  5. does anyone know the best place to buy a telrad finder?
  6. Thank you all for your help..... it's all exciting stuff out there. will start viewing.
  7. also what is the best viewfinder to get?. Cornelius i am so new to this i have no idea what i am doing. i am trying to get the correct set up proceedure....... i am the most beginner beginner and just want to enjoy using it without getting annoyed that i can't do it.
  8. Can anyone advise if there is a seperate compass you can buy for a Skywatcher 200P EQ5?
  9. Thank you all very much for your help. He is a major beginner and i'm sure we'll be back for more help in how to set it up properly as the manual says find the north star to set up the focus etc!!!! Puzzled!!!!. he opened his pressies this morning and was over the moon with his new lenses. Thanks again.
  10. Thank you Ronin, that sounds great i will look at them.
  11. i'm not sure really, i don't really know what else to buy him as accessories for it apart from lens's unless any of you pros can come up with any other ideas.
  12. Good afternoon to you all. Would anyone be able to help in assisting me to buy my hubby some more lens's for his Skywatcher 200p EQ5. we had a couple come with it when wi bought it but wondered if it was worth investing in a few more? Thank you
  13. :iamwithstupid:i send my sincere apologies to everyone and thank you for responding so quickly..... i have to admit i feel really stupid but didn't realise that the end bit came of the part that the eye piece slips into....... DOH!!!! all working now. i'm gonna hang my head in shame!!!!
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