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  1. Some time ago now I managed to return to the fold; but then my wife took ill with Parkinson's and Dementia. So I have been otherwise been preoccupied with caring. My Lady has since been placed into care because her lack of mobility means I can no longer move her around by myself, and the Council won't fund for two carers. Jean is fine as far as it goes, but I am slowly getting back into running the house in a somewhat organised fashion. It isn't easy, but I have now managed to get back to backyard observing. I got back to driving, but I noticed I couldn't read n umber plates any more. I can see cars, I know whether or not they are moving, I can see what colour they are and I can judge distances. But as I can't read number plates even with specs, Thus I have had to 'SORN' my car with the DVLA. So it's backyard observing and fitting my 'scope with a good pollution filter! Still I am back observing, and I will be getting a drive for the Sky-watcher. 90. (While saving for a 102mm. ) I think that will satisfy me finally, and for now I shall be trying for a picture of M42. Why M42? Just because it's handy to view from my particular viewing point. Great to be back, and I hope to be able to participate on the Forum as much as possible.. (That doesn't make sense but I am sure you know what I am getting at! Cheers John in North Brum
  2. Hi John. My mount appears to be the EQ2, and doesn't have the facility to mount a Polar Scope... (Neither does the EQ1 it seems!) I'll be doing it all by eye, once the weather clears a little! Thank you. John
  3. Thank you John. I rather thought that might be the case. Which makes my Polar-Alignment scope redundant; because when I decide I can look at imaging, I shall probably be using a GOTO set-up, and for that I would align my scope in the time-honoured way as described in ATM! Wasted a few quid on the Polar-scope then!
  4. Rowan... I wonder if by tool clips, you mean the 'Terry-Clips', those sprung clips that grip around tool handles and the like. Strange, because I have quite a few in my workshop, and I did wonder if they might do the trick. I'll have a think about it, and see what I come up with. Thank you. The mounting is n EQ 2 btw.
  5. Thanks Mark. I just can't see anywhere on the mounting that a Polar scope would fit. So maybe I should have read the literature properly. I thought I had the right mounting for the polar-scope, but it seems I don't. I'm just going to have the job of doing it by eye. Close enough for a hand operated mounting! Either that or lock my mounting as an altazimuth, and do it all by aim and eye! Lol! It will do me until I graduate to a GOTO set-up! (Saw a nice 6" GOTO refractor for less than £2,000 as it happens. ) John I am on the EQ1 mounting I think, but much smaller than I thought it would be. Anyhow, thank you gents. I am obliged. John
  6. Greetings folks: When I bought my refractor the other day, (Skywatcher 90) I bought a polar alignment scope to use with it. Problem is, I've never used a polar alignment scope before and I can't see where the scope fits onto the mounting. There are no instructions with the Polar-scope to enlighten me. I've looked online, but whilst I can find plenty of info, on adjusting it, none of the texts tell me where on the mounting to put the Alignment scope. (Basic info missing as it seems they assume I should know this. ) I had an idea it could go in the finder mounting, as long as it's parallel with the Polar Axis, but I am unsure. And having to fit and remove the finder every time I set-up seems a bit of a faff! I don't want to appear stupid, but I am really struggling here, through lack of info. So could someone help me please? If I can't solve this, I will have to go back to the old method of taking sightings and then going back 12 hours later to adjust.. Takes ages! Qwwwwcher! Thanks in anticipation John
  7. Thanks Robin.. Well I guess it's like anything else... There's always something we don't have, which we convince ourselves is the next necessity. I already have a decent camera, but I suppose the ideal is a Canon or a Nikon! I'll complete my Christmas present then! John
  8. Thanks everyone. I just decided to pitch straight in and buy a 'ready to go' telescope. I ordered an Evostar EQ 3-2, 102mm and Equatorial Mount. Sky-Watcher Evostar-90 (EQ2) Achromatic Refractor Telescope (10724) - Wex Photographic It's not driven, but I reckon it's all I need to refamiliarise myself with the heavens. Patrick Moore used to say that a bog-standard 75mm (3 inch) refractor will keep you busy for a lifetime, so I think a four-inch will satisfy me. Once I know I am here to stay, and if I am spared for long enough, (I am 77-78yrs BTW) I will start looking for a good, powered Equatorial mount, for this refractor. There are one or two I see within my pocket, so I can have fun with this present purchase, whilst I save up my pennies! I want to try my hand at Astrophotography', so I will also have to lose weight, get my BP down, and persuade the Doc to let me drive again, as my backyard skies are not the greatest from the light pollution pov! Thanks again folks. I'll keep us posted. John
  9. Hi folks. For the last four years or so I have been obliged to put Astronomy on the back burner, due to domestic upheavals on the health front. Things are easier now, and I am hoping to to show my face a little more often. I have to get myself a decent refractor, as my old faithful doesn't really cut it; especially for astrophotography. It's a terrestrial 50mm Swift, bought from a Chemist's shop in Soho Road, Handsworth,in 1965, for the princely sum of £9.19s and sixpence! It shows Cassini's Division, when the rings are open, and gives clear views of Jupiter's bands , as well as the four main moons. (This is despite the fact that the draw-tube wobbles about like a banana thrown up an entry!) I reckon it's served me well, but later I 'll get off to the relevant forum for some basic advice. It's nice to be back and I hope to be able to devote more time to my hobby. So apologies for my absence, and here goes, now the dark nights are well and truly here! Cheers. John (Luke Inup)
  10. Well done. Another first? If so, you'll be gobsmacked when you see her with the rings fully open. I hope I am still around! I am happy for you. Regards John
  11. David & Derek, I'd say you are both generally lucky in that respect. Your spouses (Or is that spousae?) are tolerant. I think the Galileo crack was rather amusing. Does she sing it in tune though! My Better-Half doesn't watch soaps, but instead likes Hospital Documentaries. (At the moment she's taken up with this programme about the sextuplets. (I think there were 6) I said if there'd been one more girl they could have called them 'The Pleiades'. It went over her head! JohJon
  12. I hope you passed Iw. If you know already, then Congrats. JJ
  13. Looks like I'll have to make a coffee table, or an extra large bookcase then!
  14. Thanks for that. I have seen 'Turn Left at Orion.' It isn't so much that I want to find my way about the sky. (I am a returning absentee) but I don't have a modern guide in the house, and there are developments that I might find interesting since I was last an obsessive Astronomer. The American book seems to range quite wide in its treatment of the subject and I thought it might fit the bill for what I want. At the same time I don't want anything too advanced. I am in enough trouble trying to re-learn Trigonometry! Thank you again. JJ
  15. No problem when you are retired. Late is good for me for other reasons. Most of the noisy life has gone home from the pub, and most of the porch lights are doused! JJ
  16. I'm gonna look for Polaris and line up my mount! JonJon
  17. I am worried about the size of the first one, (I believe it's huge) and about the claim that 'Backyard Astronomer's Guide' is aimed at the American Observers." Can anyone comment please? Thanks in Anticipation. JonJon
  18. Thanks for the link Buster. Reminds me of what I could see just by lying on my back on the lawn, 60 years ago; and in Birmingham no less... Not today though! I think the last time I saw skies like that I was in the middle of the North Atlantic, near St. Kilda. memrieyzz! JonJon
  19. I don't get any hassle. I have so many hobbies she says, she's run out of things to say! Mind you, it has always bothered me why 'Hubbies have Hobbies', but women don't. I know there are exceptions, but what is it that makes us men need hobbies? especially expensive ones like Astronomy, Woodwork, Guitar, and Painting? JonJon
  20. Does this mean the weather is affected by the Sun? Thank the fates for that. I was under the impression it had something to do with us and carbon emissions. At least that's what the Government say when they take more money off me, because I run a 'gas guzzler'! JonJon
  21. Well me bows to your superior knowledge. I shall consult you when I am ready to sit my GCE English... (Or modern equivalent ) as it's something I should have sat, 50 something years ago, and never got a round-tuit' All in jest of course I am never too old to learn. Thanks for your explanation. JonJon
  22. Welcome Rev, Enjoy the Lounge. Another noobie.. JonJon
  23. Thanks Demon. In fact, I was referring to the title of Caroline Taggart and J.A Wines's book; which is: 'My Grammar and I (or should that be 'Me'?) Although, I can't see a verb in "My Grandmother and I." E.g. Her Majesty would say 'My Husband [his title] and I.' If she refers to HRH by name (Which in public she wouldn't do) she should say 'Phillip and me.' Or should that be Me! Mind you, at the moment I am more concerned that the Villa have chosen the wrong manager, and Tom Cruise is going to attempt to play Jack Reacher... The latter is like choosing Mickey Rooney to play Goliath! Oh, I don't know... Maybe the same can be said for McLeish! No way!:)'' Regards JonJon.
  24. My Grammar and I (Or is that Me?) got on like a house afire!
  25. That belonged to a lucky otter then? JonJon
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