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  1. I have it - Its only been out for 10 mins in broken cloud as we've been so rained on since I got it. I'd give you a verdict but I really wouldnt be able to just yet im afriad.
  2. Im sure theres a free version of this ClaroView from Claro Software I got it for free from uni as im dyslexic - its great for reading and doubles as a screen filter!
  3. This is the chap. Just wish there was a sharpcap alt for mac now
  4. Yep, thats all I did. Results will vary scope to scope obviously!
  5. Just finished my mod. Took apart a rubbish eyepiece and glued it on. Tape's a bit shabby but you can't have it all Just need a cloud filter now
  6. Thanks for getting back to me! Yes, have JUST finished modding it - was about to post in the Xbox mod thread as Ive taken apart an old eyepiece and used that as the body instead of the plumbing pipe - Im pretty pleased with it As Ive only just finished it, of course, there are clouds outside! I didnt realise they wern't stacked, thats pretty impressive for single shots! Im pretty loathe to introduce windows to my machine - only because i was a skinflint and didnt get a huge internal HD - and I use this laptop for a lot of other work. If anything I might just invest in a cheap windows machine eventually. I'll get the cam out when the moons next up at a decent time and see how I get on. Thanks for the advice!
  7. TzuiRiky - What did you use to capture this with? Ive just bought the xbox cam and have a macbook running Lion.....I've got the camera to work in photobooth, but there are no options to change frame rate or anything like that so Im giving up with it.... Ive tried using imovie (as I assume it would have more options) but it keeps telling me i can only capture from the built in isight camera - it's not recognising the xbox one, which is obviously wrong as photobooth is recognising it Is there any other software for mac I can use to capture effectively?
  8. They are both made by the same parent company and the sort of products that they each make a similar version of seem almost identical. Having said that, Ive recently bought a celestron 127mak SLT and the GOTO & optics are identical to the SW, but I heard from a few different retailers before I bought that the celestron is marginally better due to it's better build quality (ie mount) But im sure the difference is negligible. I went for the celestron purely because I knew I could get one of these quicker and Im an impatient man! E2A: By the sounds of it, if you're willing to still spend the £60 difference and dont mind waiting for the stock to come in (Most telescopes seem to be in short supply atm!) get the SW and spend the £60 on eyepieces/barlow etc as the supplied EPs with any new scope are usually pretty naff
  9. Ive seen lots of good things written about the revelation eyepiece kit - I ordered one a while ago now but there is a shortage of these (as well as the telescopes!) This kit: First Light Optics - Celestron Eyeopener Eyepiece and Filter Kit Looks much the same - with only the omission of a t ring adapter that the revelation has. Are the eyepieces of similar quality? I see they are different sizes to the revelation kit, but at this early stage as a beginner - im not too fussed about exact sizes, just some variation to get used to different eyepieces. Any thoughts?
  10. So on one end is the serial cable...the other is a celestron specific connection, is that right? Shame its clear from that picture!
  11. Is it the same mount though? The aux output might be different... Really struggling to find the answer anywhere
  12. Oh yes, already invested in a celestron power tank, dew shield is on order. Just ordered a solar filter - wound be silly to miss the upcoming transit of venus!
  13. My 127SLT just arrived on the door this morning and since having it all set up and running (waiting for the clouds to part) I wanted to plug it into my computer to try and sync it with stellarium. I went to the aux output and grabbed what I thought would be the cable to connect it to my computer - A standard ethernet cable...but the connection is too big. Ive never seen a cable like the one it seems to need and none was supplied.....can anyone shed any light on how to connect to my MacBook Pro?
  14. Actually no I haven't -Id just seen so many rave reviews of the revelation as a nice way to upgrade a starter scope easily. And it's got a lot of things for me to play with so I can get used to different pieces and filters and the barlow etc. Ive already got a shopping list as long as my arm! Im going to have to look into them now! Is it wrong to already want to upgrade?! It hasnt even seen first light yet. I was thinking a SW 300p on a HEQ-5 pro mount would compliment it nicely. An extremely costly habit it forming
  15. Funny you should say that - Ive already ordered a eyepiece set but there is a shortage on these also. Now, webcams...that'll be next. Im currently trying to get it to work with stellarium to kill some time!
  16. Having waited on the celestron boat to dock, a lot of people must be doing the same thing and setting up their scopes and looking at the cloud cover. Sorry about that! Cant wait to get cracking...set everything up, I knew I shouldve bought a solar filter at the same time to stop me getting bored for the sun to go down!
  17. Woooo! I hope theres enough 127s to fulfil my order this time around! Dont suppose the revelation eyepiece set is in there too is there?
  18. Do keep us posted Steve - Patiently rat a tatting my fingers on table for the docking!
  19. Im dyslexic and I was given a great program called Claroview to improve my reading ability onscreen - comes with a red filter which I just bang on everytime im observing...nifty - but pricier than a Red gel/screenfilter unfortunately
  20. Good for you guys - Im about to send off for the GCSE Astronomy course!
  21. Are there any insiders out there who have any idea when any more Celestron 127 SLTs will be in the country? Ive ordered with FLO and they (quite rightly) wont give me a date as Im sure they have a lot of other peoples orders to fulfil! Really frustrating having the money out of my account and nothing to show for it!
  22. Some nice shots - would love to go there someday!
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