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  1. Realise I might get banned for this. Who said "Good."? Do Crayfords work best in Crayford? If so, will start investing in Kentish housing stock. Okay! I'll get my coat.
  2. Count me in for one of your bases if you do go into production as I can't knock a nail in straight. The only exception being if it is more expensive than a metal OO. In the meantime, could you post manufacturing drawings of the dead chicken as the hound savaged my display when it was featured.
  3. Nice bit of gear but varnish is soooooo last year that my offer of a fiver only goes to disguise my envy. ENJOY!
  4. Looks very impressive . Are you any kin of Colin Chapman and his triangulated space frame period?
  5. Modern Astronomy does a neat, easy to fit (if I can, anyone can), two speed converter for the standard SkyWatcher Crayford. Know and like Bernard but do not receive discount.
  6. They are a load of selfish people on this forum, Steve. Everyone has forgotten the most important question, did you enjoy your tea?
  7. BBC Radio Four Extra has been re-running Jet Morgan's adventures. If you look carefully, you can see the microphone BBC idents.
  8. Would you take the wife and kids as a part exchange deal, pretty please?
  9. Makes even my beer belly look small. The really sad part is it is not caused by beer, just incredible laziness.
  10. Thanks for the valuable advice Olly, in return I shall temporally suspend my efforts to force a substantial reduction in your fees for a short stop over. So 7 or 8 x 42 it is and if we meet Bradley, your regards will be proffered.
  11. Have an 8" Dob and a 5" Apo so happy with, well as contented as an impoverished amateur can be, what I've got. Taking a friend on the London Eye for a belated birthday present, so can any one suggest a light, the friend has shoulder problems, moderately priced, I'm an OAP, set of binoculars that could be used for astro purposes later. One other drawback, we are spectacle wearers. Thanking you in advance.
  12. That is the normal position for motocrosse, enduro and trials motorcycles, when the water was deeper than you thought. If there was a tree nearby you could see Ainsley or me hanging upside down as well.
  13. Looks very neat but needs a carbon composite tripod for a fully "techie" image. ENJOY!
  14. Would this very inventive method help with my mother-in-law problem?
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