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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me which Solar Filter to get for one of my telescopes, it's a Skyhawk 1145p. I have seen the AstroZap Baader Solar Filter (114mm) and the Kendrick and would like advice firstly on which one is recommended given anyone's experience of using such filters? Secondly, is it better to get one specifically manufactured to fit a particular size, e.g 114mm for mine, or is it OK to purchase one whose size varies e.g 100mm-120mm? Thanks
  2. Dave, It works!! Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it greatly.
  3. Hi, I would like to know how to connect my Synscan AZ Goto mount to Stellarium. I have an RS232 to USB cable connected to the mount, and I've configured Stellarium to 'Skywatcher AZ Goto', unfortunately it shows this message in the attachment. Could anyone with experience of this please aid me? Any help/advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Sky-Watcher


    Thank you for all your messages. I look forward to clear skies!
  5. Sky-Watcher


    Hello I'm new to astronomy having recently bought a Skywatcher telescope and am keen to get started! Thanks
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