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  1. I've now checked all my power supplies with a multimeter and all appear to be satisfactory. I've had the MCB out and _visually_ can't see anything wrong with it - there are no obvious indications of a massive over-current killing things. I've not been through the board with a multimeter as I can't find a schematic anywhere. Could the handset be at fault? All the connections look good and I've just (a few mins ago) updated the firmware to v3.35 without any problem.
  2. I suspect I'm in the other 10%. The 240V transformer may have caused the problem in the first place (for the failure occurred using it) but now it doesn't matter what I use - 240V transformer, 12V battery supply or even my regulated 12V bench supply, the result is still the same MC error. I've yet to pull the board out yet and check it over for visible signs of misery. That's my job for this afternoon. Cheers Alex
  3. Sorry folks, I know this issue has been done to death here but I can't seem to find what I need in the forum search. I've got the MC error message o'doom and just wondered who the best people were to talk to regarding fault finding/getting a replacement circuit board etc. I bought the mount a couple of years ago from Orion Optics in Crewe, so assume all warranties are now expired. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Alex
  4. Thanks for the nice words folks! I didn't use any filters - maybe I should try and see if improves the contrast a bit. I only had a half an hour window to do any imaging before the cloud obscured everything, so no time to experiement. The problem with my view to the east is a housing estate on a hill that radiates so much heat it makes the atmosphere boil throughout the entire night. I'll have a few more attemtps here at home but then I'll take the scope out into the hills and find some nice still(ish) air.
  5. I'm quite pleased considering the seeing conditions were awful. A wobbly wobbly atmosphere! Jupiter 02 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I used the Celestron Neximage camera and Sharpcap softwear to capture the image. The scope is a 300mm Newtonian. I've lots to learn so any tips and tricks would be gratefully received. Cheers Alex
  6. <waves another cheery hello at everyone> I managed a couple of hours with the 300mm last night before it got too late. WOW! The difference from the old 200mm is remarkable. Even before it got properly dark I could see more of Saturn's moons than I'd ever seen before... and cloud detail. 'Seeing' wasn't great as nearby houses were still radiating warmth and there was a slight low level haze but... wow! Hi Dai150PL! What part of this fine land are you in? Once I've got the scope mount sorted properly (in a month or so) you'll have to pop over and have a look. Cheers Alex
  7. Gosh! You're a friendly bunch I'm in the Tawe valley (between Swansea and Brecon) Moved here in 2006 and not really had chance to properly appreciate the wonderful dark skies offered by the Brecon Beacons. Dusted the old 200mm Newtonian off recently and got hooked again.... Hooked to the point where I've just purchased a new scope (300mm Newtonian) which is a guarantee there'll be cloud for a most of the summer! Cheers Alex
  8. I've been doing back yard astronomy for years. Heard about SGL through a friend recently so thought I'd join and say hello Alex
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