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  1. Hi, I'm no expert on the subject, but I bought the 7 Ah version for my EQ5 Synscan mount and it has been fine for the observing sessions I've undertaken so far. Admittedly I've not got a bunch of other accessories draining it and I've only been doing up to about four hours so far. Depends what you want to do with it really... Dan
  2. Ah, just realised that on tapatalk it probably doesn't pop up my sig. I'm using a SW200P scope if that helps :-)
  3. Hi, So, on Sunday night I finally managed to get out with some clear skies and had a bit of a globular-cluster-fest with my new Hyperion Zoom :-) Towards the end of the session I decided to get a bit more ambitious and try to attach my DSLR to the T-adaptor on the zoom and take a photo of what I was seeing, M13, I think. So, I attached the camera and basically didn't have enough light to focus on anything through live view, and with no moon around had to just leave the focusser where it was where I could see the object visually and set the camera recording. After a six minute exposure (maximum bulb exp on this camera) I still had a black screen :-( Is it just that I need a target to focus on or am I doing something more fundamentally wrong, like trying too faint an object for my kit? I know that the Lumix/Panasonic G1 isn't commonly used for astrophotography, but I was hoping someone would be able to help here! Thanks! Dan
  4. Well, even the 76EQ is better than my first scope - a similar sized Tasco on an alt az mount. The mount seemed to be made of plastic and wobbled alarmingly at the slightest touch, and the bundled EPs were very clearly rubbish. BUT - I still had decent views of the moon and my first glimpse of saturn and that's what persuaded me to start the upgrade path. It teaches you how to set up and use a starmap and that the mount is as important as the optics... Looking at the Currys scope, the EQ mount actually looks half decent so for £70 this has to be an excellent intro to the hobby.
  5. Just to follow up this thread, in the end I went for a Hyperion Zoom. Just need to find some clear skies to try it out! I'll report back the difference against the bundled SW EPs, as that's clearly a subject of some interest amongst fellow newbies! Of course, this purchase doesn't preclude the possibility of going for some dedicated short and long focal length EPs in the future, I'll just have to break that news gently to the wife! Thanks for all your suggestions, Dan
  6. Ah! So it's your fault for all this cloudy weather? From what I read on here, the new scope curse is quite common. And nothing at all to do with the prevailing weather in Britain...
  7. I subscribe to both Sky at Night and Astronomy Now too, I tend to find that Astronomy Now has more interesting articles but S@N has a better observing guide, but I guess that's subjective for the reader!
  8. Better than the real thing! Amazing what you can do with photoshop these days...
  9. What do you mean missed? I had a really nice spot to frame my photo with a nice clear horizon and old windmill as a character feature. The eclipse is there somewhere, just behind all that cloud...
  10. dmn21


    Ah, great thanks! There's always a thread which has already discussed something :-) Dan
  11. You could try taking a range of shots and then stitching together a mosaic? Dan
  12. So, this probably sounds a bit stupid, but I managed to get the 'scope out in between the clouds tonight and after a while things started getting dimmer and dimmer. So I'm there trying to point it at stuff away from the clouds and twiddling the focus knob, all to no avail. It's then I notice that the eye pieces and secondary mirror have all fogged up. Being a newbie, I'm reluctant to do any wiping of surfaces so I just brought the kit in and called it a night. I've seen a ton of anti-dew kit in the shops but what's really needed and what works? Thanks! Dan
  13. Well, it's overcast and raining here at the moment, but the met office assures me it will be clear tonight - here's hoping!
  14. Brilliant thread Jake - I just upgraded this weekend and it went perfectly with your instructions. Took me longer to get the three-star alignment sorted than it did to install the motors! Dan
  15. Great comparison shot! I had a look at M51 last night on a whistlestop deep sky tour, but hadn't realised I was seeing a new supernova!
  16. I had a good session last night in Bedfordshire, from about 11 to 12:30. Earlier on Saturn was wonderfully clear, some of the best seeing I've had from my garden. I must admit that I was out longer than I had expected, trying to figure out alignment of my new GOTO system, but once it was sorted I had a good scout around the sky. The Hercules Globular was very clear and I had quite a clear view of the ring nebula too. Dan
  17. Thanks everyone, I guess the next trick will be to try a mosaic, at least when the (nearly) full moon comes back anyway!
  18. Hi Dave/Eagleseye, Thought as much, I'll try to make it along on the 29th then, and say hello! Dan
  19. Thanks everyone for your comments, I was happy to get the Pleiades in the shot but wasn't sure if it would come out on the compressed version Dan
  20. Hi Dave, Is there an observing session in June as well as the talk? I guess it would require a late night at this time of year! Thanks, Dan
  21. Hi Robbie, We went with a 200p earlier this year and have been very happy with it. Even with the standard eyepieces we've had good views of Jupiter and Saturn - we could see some of the banding on Jupiter and four of it's moons, on Saturn you can see the rings and in moments of good seeing you can make out the Cassini division. Obviously, you can see the moon well, as a big bright object! We've taken some good photos of the moon, but to get good shots of deep sky objects we've just ordered a Synscan upgrade for our EQ5 mount to help with tracking. At the moment, only Saturn is visible, but the others will come around again :-) Hope that helps, Dan
  22. Hi, I'm sure the more experienced folk here will have a better view, but we bought a 200p on an EQ5 mount and we've been very happy with it. We bought the standard mount without any tracking, but have just ordered the Synscan upgrade, which I understand will give us full GOTO capability, with drives on the RA and Dec axes and the computer controller. I'm hoping this will enable better long exposure deep sky photos. I think Syntrak is just an RA drive, which keeps you up with the sidereal motion of the stars (well, earth) but doesn't do full GOTO. Hope that helps, Dan
  23. Hi Dave, I wish I could blame the spellcheck but that was just me! Note to self - check for embarrassing mis-spellings before posting :-) Saw your notes about Bedford AS, just unfortunate to have missed last week's meeting. Looks like they wind down for the summer but the Bedford School astronomy course in November looks interesting... Dan
  24. I forgot this one from later in the night - Orion over the local village - you can see the illuminated church steeple and an annoying car's headlights :-) A single 15 sec exposure.
  25. Hi, I'm new on these boards so I thought I'd share some of my photos. We acquired a SW200P after the Stargazing Live in Jan and this was the first shot I took with our Lumix G1 at prime focus. Very pleasantly surprised! Taken on 21st Jan, ISO 100, 1/120 sec. And then straightened and re-leveled. Dan
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