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  1. Thanks Boom. When you think how small the moon is compared to Earth and how far away it is, it's mind blowing how it's refection alone can illuminate our skies. Puts into perspective just how insignificant humans actually are in the grander scale of things.

    Agreed, and the sooner politicians realise this and end all wars etc the better! Humans are like flees arguing over who owns the dog!

  2. Hahahaha love some of the comments on this! I guess you would need factor 9000 suncream too! At least you wouldnt hear the dodgy arcades music...

    Fantastic Boomer!

    BTW, where in Leeds are you? I'm in Bramley

    Hi Neilius, Im in Crossgates in the thick of the street lights!!!!

    Wow thats really interesting, how did you work it out?

    I used google maps and scaled the uk such that the scale bar at the bottom was set to 100miles, I checked this distance on the map and it is roughly from Southport to Hull as the crow flys. I then looked for a crater of similar size (Ptolemaeus 93 miles) and adjusted the image of the uk such that this crater would sit between Hull and Southport with a little to spare to allow for the 7 miles difference!


  3. Very nice image boomster :) What scope did you use & did you

    use a barlow lens .

    The scope is a skywatcher 250PDS and I used an Olympus E400 at prime focus without barlow. Unfortunately the mount I use (EQ5) is not that great for this scope so i couldnt magnify any more without getting blurring from the wind that was blowing!

  4. Hi all,

    I have recently bought a 250PDS skywatcher OTA. I have installed it on my previous scopes mount (EQ5) which doesnt appear to be man enough for the job. I was considering the NEQ6 mount but will it make that much difference in comparison? Will there be less wobble etc due to the wind?

    I guess what I am asking is can anyone recommend a good mount for this size scope?!

  5. Hi, Boomster, and welcome to SGL.

    For DSO's your webcam will need to be modified to take long exposures (unless it already is), but it should produce some great lunar/planetary images.


    I performed the SC1 mod on it and it seems to work fine (tested in a dark room). I have yet to try any deep sky stuff but I expect I will need travel away from Leeds to do this.

    Would light pollution filters help? I have had no experience with these but I expect that given the long time exposures that are needed I would need to travel away from the city!

  6. Hi all,

    Just recently joined stargazers lounge and it seems to be a very good forum! My aim is to get into astro imaging, to this end i have modified my Toucam webcam and currently use it in an 8" orion optics reflector. I have a few images already but I expect for deep sky objects I will need to get away from Leeds.

    If anyone can suggest some good observing sites within a 1hrs drive from leeds light polluted skies I would be most greatful!!:)

    Clear skies,


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