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  1. A friend suggested inseting a barlow? I tried that but still couldnt get anything.
  2. Hi, I have attached my Canon DSLR to Sywatcher 200p but this is the only thing it can see. I cant see anything else when the DSLR is attached using the T-Adaptor etc. Whats causing this? Is this a problem with the secondary mirror needing collimating? (guesing here)
  3. All, thanks for the warm welcome. I think an astro society is the way forward, kind of makes sense really, community spirit. Seeing all these replies is starting to fill me with faith that registering here is the start for the way forward!
  4. Thanks for the welcome both. Already have stellarium etc, can find my way around the night sky with naked eye, may even sound like I know what I'm doing to an utter cave dweller. However, it is more of a physical thing with the scope/mount setting circles and the like.... sometimes just want to be able to swing the thing round and find something ..... doesnt go left and right....
  5. and getting frustrated already. My name is Nick and I am returning to astronomy after some years away. Back then I had a Meade ETX which was OK but generally couldnt see much with it. Now on my return I have purchased a Skywatcher 200p on an EQ5 mount. It weighs a ton! I have no doubt I will be posting shortly to ask for help on how to find objects on this new mount! How do you find anything etc!
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