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  1. It appears you are correct Peter. I was a little bit on the tipsy side last night and tried to use Google Sky to find out what it was, and it seems it just pointed out the name of one of the stars. They were certainly a great sight though, and one I've not seen before. Thanks for clearing it up for me Peter.
  2. Alcyone.........Wow!! I looked up at the sky, looking for Ursa Major which had disappeared behind some trees, but I found Alcyone. With Naked eye it is oustanding, and through telescope it is magical. I am so happy that the sky is starting to show it's gems, and I am so looking forward to the Winter sky and getting a glimpse of Betelgeuse again£ But for now, Alcyone is the star of the sky for me
  3. Hello all, I have just returned from a few nights camping at Shell Island in west Wales and after 2 nights of cloud, the 3rd night eventually revealed an excellent clear sky. I was showing my friends the different constellations and pointing out Saturn and Porrima, but the best sight came at around 12:30 when we started to see the Milky Way, it was awesome. One of my friends is totally in awe now and after questioning my decision to buy a telescope a few months back, was now saying he needed to get one. The only disappointing thing for me, is that where I live is light polluted so I can not see half the stars I saw whilst there, but nonetheless, it was a magical experience.
  4. Thanks for the replies again. I've just come back in, I am now convinced that I have found it and I found it pretty quickly tonight. It was still a smudge but did have a bright glow. Conditions seem a lot better tonight. I then tried to look for M29 and M40 but to no avail. However I did see a shooting star out of my peripheral vision and then when looking at Hercules, I saw a meteor falling and burning up quite low which was cool. The Peak district will be on the agenda, just need to convince my mate to pull an all nighter! I used the Need less website too and heading west may also be an option. Thanks.
  5. The only dark skies issue I have is that I don't drive! How far out of the city realistically will I have to go, to achieve dark skies? These are a couple of maps to help? maybe? I have circled my location.
  6. I think I am quite light polluted where I am, I'm waiting for my sodium filter to come, which will hopefully improve things a bit. The image deteriorated under higher magnification, and at 25mm I couldn't really focus on it, and it was a ball shape. I looked for the small (almost equilateral) triangle in Hercules and then went 30% down the imaginary line to the bottom right star and it was positioned there, so I imagine it must have been M13, but as I said, I was very underwhelmed. I will be out again tonight, and will have another look, I will look again for M27 too, but I can't see Cygnus until after 11 so it depends on how late I'm out. I may also look for the Orion nebula as someone said that should be easily visible on another thread. I think I'll alsoo hunt down a double star, as I presume that I will know for certain when I find that! Thanks again folks.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I have got "Turn left at Orion" on order and it should arrive next week! So I'm looking forward to that! I was slightly underwhelmed by the grey smudge I saw, I was unable to pick out any detail, but I'm not sure that viewing conditions were great, as the stars didn't seem as bright as usual, plus, I am in an area with a fair amount of light pollution, so that wouldn't have helpeds either I suppose! It's given out a clear night again tonight so I will have another look then.
  8. Evening all, just come in after a long search for M13, but I am not sure whether I found it or not? I was using a Skywatcher explorer 130P, with the 25mm EP, I looked at Hercules and eventually found a very, very small grey smudge, no detail, just a fuzzy smudge, will this be it??? I then tried to find the Messier object in Cygnus (27 I think) but to be honest I didn't really know what to look for. Would the grey smudge be M13? Thanks Marc
  9. Do light pollution filter work well or not?? Cheers Marc
  10. Good evening, just come in from a rather hit and miss (clouds) session. Had another quick look at Saturn, but was unable to find Titan tonght. I then started my search for M13, which unfortunately was fruitless. I found Hercules and looked between the two stars at the top, but couldnt find it. I was using the 10mm and 25mm EP's and didn't bother with the barlow. I did enjoy seeing a wealth if stars in that region, but was disappointed that I didn't find M13, although I did only get 20mins or so cloud free. Which EP is best for looking for Messier's objects? I have 10mm, 25mm and a 2xBarlow? Also, I have got 'Turn left at Orion' on order ! Thanks Marc
  11. Thank you, not had chance to have a look yet due to the cloudy skyy last night! Along with looking for Saturn's other moons, it's given me a starting point for my next session! Thanks again.
  12. Hello, I had a Skywatcher 130P yesterday and spent tonight looking at Saturn. It was amazing, seeing Titan sitting alongside it too. Which DSO's would be a good starting point for me to look for, that would be another inspiring sight? Thanks Marc
  13. Thanks again for the welcomes. Well things have moved on from my first post and I had my birthday present today...........A brand new Skywatcher 130p EQ2, off my wife! Absolutely chuffed and really enjoyed putting it together earlier. I am very disappointed with the extremely cloudy skies though . I've ordered a light pollution filter, a moon filter and astronomy torch and with the telescope, my wife bought me a planisphere and a couple of Phillips books. I'm all sorted and cant wait for that break in the clouds!!
  14. Thanks again for all of the warm welcomes.
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