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  1. Wow, great replies, everyone. Thanks! It sounds like the motor isn't that useful, and in some cases can be a problem, so I can live without it. Just to address a couple of points: Really great pic! Well done. Mainly, we thought the Celestron was getting good marks in reviews for image quality when compared to the price. The Skywatcher you have linked to looks good as well. Seems like it would grow with my skills for a bit longer than the Celestron. Price-wise, I've seen the Celestron for about £40 cheaper, which doesn't sound much, but because both are at the low end, it's a significant diff
  2. I've been thinking about getting a telescope for some time, and for my birthday my wife has decided to help me take the plunge by getting me one. The Celestron Astromaster 130EQ seems pretty good for a beginner like me, but I'm trying to figure out if I want the version with or without the motor. I'm hoping at some point, when I get a camera that's physically compatible with it, to do some astrophotography. Would I need the motor to track objects for longer exposures, or is the motor purely for pointing in the right place, rather than tracking? If so, I don't really feel that I need it. Or are
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