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  1. They are happy to demonstrate the system working but can only do it during the day. I will keep all your points to mind so thank you very much. Should be seeing it this weekend so fingers crossed it all works out
  2. Yes, I absolutely agree. Thankfully the seller is very close so it will not be a problem to go and see it in person. They state it is fully working and has only been used at their house. Examinationing the images I cannot see any cosmetic damages. Are there any points you recommend I ask / look out for?
  3. Hi All, I am eager to get into this hobby and was hoping to upgrade from binoculars to a proper telescope. I was looking at second-hand telescopes and came across a Sky-Watcher Explorer 130/650 with an AZ-Go2 WiFi mount for £260. It comes with a SynScan WiFi adaptor, a SynScan hand controller and a Sky-Watcher auto-focuser. It also comes with some eyepieces, filters and other bits & bobs. This seems like a lot of equipment for a first telescope but looking at retail prices it's more than 50% off. It's not much more than I was expecting to pay for a beginner Dobsonian. Would you recommend I pick this telescope up or go for a more basic Dobsonian? I am willing and prepared to go through a steep learning curve so that's not an issue. This is an equivalent telescope from FLO: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher/sky-watcher-explorer-130p-az-go2-wifi-parabolic-newtonian-telescope.html
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