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  1. Kev,New York City usually only feels some minor effects from hurricanes as they pass by to the east over the Atlantic.It's rare indeed for a hurricane to make a direct hit into NYC while maintaining hurricane status.only 3 times on record .I believe the last time this happened was in 1938 and lower Manhattan was under 13' of water.This storm now appears that it will lose hurricane status before the center reaches NYC. This area faired very well through the storm.Winds peaked here this morning at about 60mph,Rain is now much lighter and intermittent.Rain total here so far is about 9" but widely varies locally and 1"-2" more expected by the end of today.Power has been out to about 100,000 homes but is now expected to be restored for most, late today.Roads are littered with debris and some fallen trees but passable except for ones that are prone to flooding.The 2 tornadoes which touched down last night did so outside residential areas so damages were minimal. Johnny; this has been mostly a major rain event,expect above 8" total.Wind has been about what you would get from a strong Noreaster.Keep your basement pump going and you should fair well.Power outages have not been nearly as widespread as predicted.Be safe.
  2. So far everything is fairing well,Irene's eye is still 140 miles south of here.Winds havn't been to bad with gusts only reaching 55mph,however 3 tonadoes have touched down,1 about 60 miles from here and 2 within 20 miles.There are some 50,000 homes with out power locally.Fortunately we still have main power.Rain has been heavy,near 6" so far.The predicted 12" would appear to be accurate.There have been some "lulls" in the wind and rain lasting between a half hour to an hour.The immeadiate coast has really taken a beating already with extensive beach erosion and flooding.No rocky coast here,the barrier islands are simply large sand bars.Some trees have gone down but not to a great extent.I'm sure this will all change as Irene get's closer and conditions worsen.
  3. Imarcs,I can't imagine a worse situation then being in NO during Katrina's onslaught.Glad you made it through. Currently winds are steady at aprox 25 mph with gusts to about 45mph from the southeast. Rain is more steady and heavy. I have an aneometer set up at about 6' above ground and it's readings are about half of what the elevated one reads.Being in a totally wooded area is providing some relief from the winds.I just hope they stay rooted through the night. johnny, stay good,when she's done with here,she'll be heading up to you.
  4. Johnny; not bad yet,just started getting heavy rain bands working through,wind is minimal at the moment.Still predicting 80 -100 mph gusts tonight between 2am and 8am. They keep flirting with changing the track between inshore and offshore. I'll know around 3am.If I see stars for a short time, it came inland. Good luck to you.
  5. Would love to have discovered that one. I could name it after my wife. " Honey I got you the largest diamond in the universe", now can I go and get a new scope. Well,maybe not.
  6. Provided the damages will be minimal here,most of next week looks great for getting the scopes out. Clear skies,low humidity. I suppose it takes a hurricane to clear the air out around here.
  7. Same here johnny,I dare you to find a loaf of bread,eggs or bottled water within 20 miles of here.CRAZY!!
  8. Well the track has changed yet again,the latest puts her further inland.If this track holds, the eye should pass within 10 miles of me.The good news is, she'll be over land longer and should drop to a cat 1 just as she arrives. This is bad news for the immeadiate coast.They will then be in the dreaded NE sector.The mandatory evacuations are now more widespread and reach further inland.The emergency management director aired some good advice today for those who refuse to evacuate. "get a 3x5 card,write your name,social security number and next of kin on it. Put the card in your left shoe. That's shoe,no flip flops or sandles.Then, IF we find your body we will know who to contact." Short,direct and certainly to the point. I appreciate the willingness to run out and buy scopes,alas, it would appear to have had no effect,yet. Keep trying! haha
  9. Johnny,Todays forecast has shifted the track slightly east. Here,that should lessen the storm surge impact to some degree.The bad news is that the eye will remain over 80 degree water.Consequently,she's now predicted to remain a strong cat 2 as she passes me and remain a cat 2 all the way to Connecticut.Winds here are now predicted to be a bit stronger but some what less rain. Oh well,this will probably change often before her arrival. We need the guys across the pond to run out and buy new scopes,that should pull her off the coast.hehe
  10. The last I saw, it should be a cat 1 near you,75-85mph sustained, of course higher gusts.There still is a chance that the high pressure system over the Atlantic may be strong enough to steer it further East once it gets past my location.This would mean less wind and rain for you.I hope it works out to be that way for you.
  11. There should be some new pics out of Irene,about 2 hours ago the eye "popped".It's now very defined and tight. Expected to go to cat 4 overnight tonight. Johnny, if you need to do any shopping for groceries,do it now.I just got back from the store and nearly all staple foods are gone along with bottled water.
  12. Check out this one on ebay USA Coulter 17.5" reflector telescope - no reserve | eBay
  13. I would add a comfortable viewing chair or stool to the above.The longer you view an object the more detail you'll see and at times this becomes hard on the back.
  14. don't worry, the clouds will reappear shortly after the sun goes down.
  15. Wow,that is just too weird,I never heard this effect by the human eye before. Very interesting.
  16. Here is a link to Phillips web page for the driver - Philips Support= just download and follow instructions to install. Sharpcap would probably be the easiest capture program to use. Here is the link. Robin's Astro Pages - SharpCap Registax is a fine program for aligning and stacking your captures and it has some basic editing and processing functions as well. For post processing most use Photoshop,there are other freewares such as Gimp and Paint.net which are available on the net. These are more limited but will get you going. Some others here may be able to advise you on better post processing software. Stellarium is a astronomical program which will help you to locate the objects you seek,also free and available on the net to download. For most DSO's your cam would have to be modded for long exposures and at that time you would be better off to use Deep Sky Stacker for aligning and stacking,also free on the net. Hope this helps you to get started.
  17. Thanks John,well it's good to here they are'nt horrible scopes.I'm not familiar with refractors but for what I heard this guy wants for it, I thought I would get interested.I still have to track him down before someone else gets talking to him. I saw the suggested retail here in the states was close to $1200.00 before they discontinued them. I guess I"ll pursue this further then.
  18. Looks like a nice piece of equipment I hope you don't get the dreaded cloud cover now. I'm sure you will enjoy using it.
  19. Is anyone familiar with this scope? I know they have been discontinued for sometime now. Were there issues with this scope that caused them to be discontinued?
  20. You could say that good things can come from being patient. Patience is a REQUIREMENT if you intend to image. You should do well with it. Good luck.
  21. No problem Brent,you could always tag your cables and mentally number the ports or sketch on paper the ports and keep it with your kit. Nice to have a dedicated lappy though for your own use.
  22. astrostu, I'm no expert but I don't think you would be able to manage "longish" exposures without star trailing with a push to mount. Normally push to's are limited to lunar and planetary use with a webcam. The ability of the webcam to take large numbers of frames in a short time allows you to overcome the lack of tracking,to a point. You would put your target to the side of your FOV oppisite the direction of drift and then allow the target to drift across your FOV while capturing. Repeat this several times till you have a few thousand frames to work with. You may be able to use the video function of your camera for this as well but the results may not be as good as a webcam. Then you would have to get rid of any bad frames and only stack the better frames in Registax to get a decent image. I think with the DSLR and no tracking you may be limited to very wide field views at short exposures and tons of them to get an image with little trailing. Someone with more knowledge may be along soon to give you more evperienced and expert advice.
  23. Brent; the USB problem happens a lot if you plug it into a different port than the previous time you used it. Try marking your USB ports and plug into the same one each time. Hope it helps.
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