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  1. Thank you for the reply. I decided against refractor scopes due to higher weight, cost and smaller aperture. Can you list any popular mounts with bigger payloads that has go-to function and allows ASIAIR Plus to control it? My original plan was to have somewhat portable scope. Does the ASIAIR Plus plate solve one time for the night or does it need to continuously plate solve while taking images? I guess I will need a guide scope if it requires continuous plate solving in order to track and let the main scope capture? My initial thought was to reduce weight by using C6/ASI533 as both my guide scope and main scope to do both guiding/tracking and imaging at the same time. I don't know if this will work since I haven't used them before. I guess the other option is to use the SAGTI wifi go-to function instead of plate solving. I believe it can track after aligning with the SynScan app. Someone in reviews mentioned the app can work with Stellarium. Can the Stellarium app on the phone control the SAGTI mount? Would the SAGTI mount break or gears go bad if its over by 1-2 lbs? Or is it that it wont track as well?
  2. I will be buying my first telescope to use in my backyard (bortle 6) I wanted a telescope for the last 10 years. I purchased a $50 scope 8 years ago and returned it with in 24 hours. For past 2 weeks, I have been reading about Vespera 2" smart scope ($1500) and Unistellar 4.5" equinox ($2400 after $600 discount this week). I changed my mind now. I am planning on building my first scope instead of buying a smart scope. I know its not ideal but I want a telescope that can do it all: planets, sun, DSO and be portable. List: $550 Celestron C6 XLT - 6" $740 Star adventurer gti $300 ASIAIR Plus I cannot decide between these 3 cooled cameras. Please help me choose which one will pair best with my C6 telescope. Or should I just get a cheaper $200 non-cooled zwo camera?: $800 ASI183MC Pro $900 ASI553MC Pro $1000 ASI294MC Pro Misc: $57 Celestron EclipSmart Solar filter 6" Total: $2700-3000 Seems like a lot of money for my 1st scope but I thought if I was planning on spending $2400 on the Unistellar smart scope why not spend a similar amount to build one. Hopefully the go-to function and resolution will be comparable to the new smart scopes. A few questions: 1. Can the ASIAIR Plus successfully plate solve using only the main C6 scope paired with main ZWO Pro camera? I do not want to use a guide scope and zwo mini camera for guiding as I will be reaching the 11 lb weight limit of my mount. Specs for C6 scope shows 10 lbs but multiple forums mention its actually 8.2 lbs without guidescope, eyepiece, lens cover. I think I will be around 10.5-11 lbs: with ZWO camera (1 lb), ASIAIR Plus (0.5 lb), C6 (8.2 lbs), cables, etc. 2. Are there any essential accessories not listed above which I will need to start: such as missing wires/cables that wont be included in the box? 3. Which portable battery is good to power all equipment? 4. I want to attach a green laser with remote (0.3 lb) to the scope. It might be a nice visual aid to see where the scope is pointing at? Will it be easy to mount this? Sorry for the many questions. Thanks, Subspace
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