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  1. 23m light years away is a distance right? So how long in our Time(not distance) did the light take to get here to earth. Like, from the sun, the light takes about 8 minutes to reach us on earth.

    I guess LY being a measure of distance, is making my brain trying to figure out time of that distance....I am just a bit confused.

  2. Wow, I didnt know you guys could see it all the way over there! I'll tell you what, I only live about 160 or so miles from the space Center in Cape Canaveral, by far, its a really cool sight to see the shuttle make a night launch! Its a ball of fire rising into the sky.

  3. ^^ Yes. I have a barlow 2x on order, and a 26mm meade4000 series plossl on the way. I am sure they are not TOP TOP quality, but judging from the EPs that came with the scope, they will be a huge improvement for sure. Next going to be looking for a 10mm plossl to accompany the barlow to get a good view of things!

  4. Still with my cheap eyepieces, and the fast scope. Not to mention just average seeing conditions in a light polluted area! I saw my first 2 globular clusters! They really weren't much more than a ball of fuzz in the eyepiece, but I am for sure it was them! I saw M3 first, and then set my course for M92 and found Both withing a few minutes of searching! :D

    Even though they are small faint blurry blotches, I am still intrigued! And will continue to add to my collection and hopefully some better views in the future! :)

  5. David O, thanks for answering my questions on the eyepiece thread, and now you are here to help again! Thanks a ton!

    I am almost turned off by the mounts that Dobs use, I guess what I mean, is I enjoy the slow motion tracking of the EQ mount, and love the idea that you can polar align and then track away. How easy are the Dobs to point and shoot for beginners? and then to track possibly to sketch, not photography just yet...

  6. Since I didnt buy my first scope, and it was given to me, it was apparent from whom it was given, they didn't know what they were buying either. Quick background. First time astronomer here, Currently have the Orion Starblast f/4 scope, 113mm(FL-450mm) After a discussion in my thread about quality of eyepieces, I thought it be best to maybe try a slower scope. After much reading and understanding of the eyepiece debates, and sure, I could buy expensive EPs now and have them for later, but It might be good to start a little slower. I decided and somebody mentioned it was a good idea, to get a different scope for now.

    I was planning on using the same mount I already have. its a Eq-1 mount, that I am still learning how to use, but its simple to understand for me. I have a couple choices on some new to used scopes..Just unsure of the quality I should be expecting.

    Note: still my beginner scope, This would be for DSOs, Open and Globular clusters, etc....

    Option #1-Celestron Nexstar 114gt (Newtonian 114mm reflector; 1000mm f/9 focal length) *Used*

    Option #2-Meade 114mm Reflector (White OTA with a f/8.8) *NEW*

    Option #3- Meade 114Eq-ASTR 4.5" 114mm (f/8.8 1000mm) *NEW*

    This is still going to be considered my "first" scope, I will probably hold onto the orion just in case I maybe get into astrophotography later on, but for now, I want to continue to enjoy the sky!

    Thanks in advance for all of you whom answer these questions that probably repeat themselves endlessly. I have used the search and really couldnt find what I was looking for. :)

  7. I want to thank everybody for taking the time to go over this, I tried searching, but really didnt get close to an answer as all of you have provided.

    I been doing some thinking, Are faster scopes better for more experienced users? or are they set up for astrophotography? Would it be better for me to purchase a new scope(but keep my mount) something possibly slower than f/4?

  8. Well you have a fast scope so if you want views that it is designed to deliver, you need to spend a certain amount of money on eyepieces with good correction.

    The televues can be as little as 30-50 quid second hand? I would stick to the medium to wider focal lengths. For the short, people generally prefer either TMB's or orthoscopics from what I have researched.

    Ok, That makes total sense to me. Why oh why couldnt I have been given a slower scope! its still fun and a blast looking at the sky, I am in heaven either way!

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