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  1. My brother in law went to Egypt this year and took my bins. He said it was definately worth taking them (althought they came back covered in sunscreen) !!!
  2. Welcome from an ex-Hereford boy
  3. I have a mak150 and love it. Planetary and lunar it's just fantastic. Also I've has fantastic views of some Messiers including great views of m57.
  4. I've been eyeing up a 10 or 12" dob for ages. Whilst I love my mak150, I can't wait to get a dob. Ease of use, storage and.........huge aperture. I'm saving now!
  5. What are the views like with it..
  6. I agree with using bins. I love mine. Great for hunting down fuzzies because of the Fov.
  7. Must agree the new site is a massive imporovement and the last one wasnt bad at all
  8. +1 for the Helios NatureSport+. Fantasic with a huge fov. Bout 85 quid.
  9. I have a Startravel 120 - far too much CA - only bought it 2nd hand to try out. Can't wait to get an 80ed, or even something like a WO or something for grab and go. I've been trying out the ST120 lately but for wild field 'browsing' 10x50 bins are as effective without the CA
  10. Hi m12 I've just sold a pair of Celestron 15x70's and bought a pair of Helios 10x50's. Much prefer the 10x50's - much more manageable. I thing (and this is subjective) that, especially from light polluted skies, you see as much. Rgds Steve
  11. I have a 150mm Mak and 120mm describe. Last night was my best even night observing for Messier objects - it was with my new 10x50 bins!!!!!!
  12. Just sold my Celestron 15x70's and then bought a pair of Helios nature Sport Plus 10x50WA - just waiting for the delivery. I'm a beginner amateur astronomer but I do realise that having a pair of bins is probably important to me as a scope or eyepiece!!! Nothing beats a quick 10 mins outside with the bins.
  13. Decided & bought a pair of: Helios Nature Sport Plus 10x50WA's. Just waiting for the delivery. Read though this thread with real interest and what's struck me is how powerful (misleading???) marketing claims can be - "bak-4", "super dooper multi coated" etc. Buying something is an absolute minefield. I suppose the proof is ultimately in the pudding - I'm just waiting to try that pudding! Good thing is is that I have something to compare them to as I have a pair of 30 yr old USSR made 12x40 bins which I far more preferred to my previous Celestron 15x70's. Anyways, thanks for all replies:) Steve
  14. Done. Even if it's badly worded, something like this can only raise awareness - which is a good thing. Got my missus to put on her Facebook account.
  15. Wow - so much more has been added to this thread since I last posted. Hmmm, interesting. This has certainly made me re-think about buying a pair of bins. It's also made me consider pushing up my limit, to the point of considering something like: First Light Optics - Helios Naturesport-Plus 10x50 & 7x50 They seem to have a good review, just need to find them in stock. Ultimately, I want a good pair that I can actually use (the 15x70's were too big), and will be using them for casual astonomy, or when I can't be bothered to get the scope out , for holidaying etc. Steve @ FLO - appreciate your openess in suggesting a different pair with a competitor, and do appreciate all the comments & discussion here although the technical aspects are somewhat over my head. Rgds Steve
  16. Thxs guys for the responses - looks like just what I'm after. Gonna order a pair. Cheers:)
  17. Hi I'm looking for a new pair of bins for anything under £70. I have a pair of Soviet made 12x40's, but these are rather precious to me so I'd like a new pair for casual star gazing. I've has Celestron 15x70's but they're too big & heavy Something like 10x50's...Any recommendations? THxs Steve
  18. Thxs John - the Vixen NLVW is a bit too pricy for me. I've looked online at the SW Aero 40mm (68deg afov) for £135, or a SW Panaview 38mm (70deg afov) @ £89. Also WO SWAN 40mm @ £89. These 3 above are about my price range - upto about £140 for a low power wide angle. for a slow scope. So would the Aero be any better in a slow scope given the size & afov's are all relatively similar? (thinking with the spare cash left over from a SWAN or Panaview I could get a 15 or 18mm BST...) Cheer Steve
  19. Hi Looking to see if anybody has any experience of one of these - 30mm Baader Scopos Extreme? I'm looking to extend the FOV in my main scope as much as possible - this is 70deg. One of my concerns is the weight as my scope on it's dovetail is already xclose to the end of the bar when using the standard 2" diagonal. Or otherwise, any other thoughts on a wide angle low power eyepiece - main scope currently is a Skymax 150 (F/12) Thxs Steve
  20. I did a similar course last year - Bob Lambourne and Matt North in Reading. Really got a lot from it.
  21. Since reading your original post, I have not stopped looking at these scopes! I'm amazed - all three models look absolutely beautiful -stunningly! I know everybody says scope are for looking through, not at, but even my missus like the look of these. Really hope you enjoy it:)
  22. Hi all Was observing Jupiter last night with my Mak 150 using a 25mm BST. When observing I spotted what looked like a spot on an adolsecent teenager growing from the upper part of one side. I kept watching this realising it was the appearance of one of it's moons (IO?). Switched to a 12mm BST and was literally blown away - to see Jupiter so clearly and also Io appearing was simply breathtaking. The GRS was also clearly on view. I've tried to use my 12mm BST before but the views have always been blurred - last night must have been a night of exceptional seeing I now realise that, under the right conditions my scope can really deliver really stunning views. Can't wait for tonight as it's looking clear again
  23. I've noticed the WO SWANs go up to 40 mm - 32mm & 40mm - I'm assuming then both would be more suitable? I've tried the EP Calc downloaded from here and the 40mm gives a TFOV of 1.6deg, the 33mm gives 1.32deg. Would there be a big difference between these two and are they suitable for a 150mm MAK?
  24. Thxs ronin. I have a 32mm sw plossl but I think this is a smaller FOV than the BST. Other than the Ultima's, are there any other low power wide field eyepieces for the Mak 150? Thxs
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