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  1. Hi from Euskadi:hello2:
  2. Hi from Euskadi:hello2:
  3. I´m not trying to Knock Meade in particular but I would be happy to do so if I found any company cheating in this way.I think places like this are ideal as they are where these companies have their core business. As for children getting involved in astronomy I´m sure this is also an ideal place to ask for telescopes to be donated to education as I´m sure many members must end up with more scopes than they can handle.
  4. I real disagree, educating the people who show an intress isn´t the problem.Anyone who takes a few minutes to look into buying a telescope online will soon come up the enough information to buy a decent scope and not make any major mistakes. The problem is the companies that sell rubbish with lies often to parents or grandparents who are not going to be making educated decisons about the best scope for the money but just buying a present.Had this scope been made by some unkown company it would be less annoying but I think a brand like Meade should be made aware of its bad judgment if it sells rubbish!
  5. I´m new to this hobby but my list of things to buy is ever increasing and the wish list can´t be shown to the wife,.......well,not just yet anyway! If I had bought a bad scope from Meade (which I thought until today was a good company) I wouldn´t be spending any more money which would be bad for this industry.If we want great new products in the future we need as many happy astronomers as possible. I think Meade is shooting itself in the foot! Tom
  6. I´d love to take some pictures.What is the best option to start with? Please help? Ié got a sw 200p eq5:icon_scratch:
  7. Hi Hunter I´ve bought a sw 200p EQ5. I´ve only had a day so just learning the ropes.The HoTech looks nice but expensive.
  8. Are there good or bad laser collimators? I Just got my scope and it seems to be well collimated at the moment but I´ll have to start soon though I´m a bit nervous about it.
  9. Thanks mick Do you use them both to collimate at the same time or do you sometimes use one because it is easier?
  10. my skywatcher 200p eq5 arrived this morning and I´ve noticed it doesn´t come with a collimating cap. Should I buy a collimation eyepiece or go for a laser one? Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Hi I´m new to this as well and I´m expecting to receive my 200p eq5 tomorrow or by Wednesday I hope. I chose this scope after looking around a lot.I´m hoping to do some imaging with web cam but from what I´ve heard working with a dslr is more difficult. I´ve been told that an eq6 is the min for this work.Anyway I´m going to give it ago when I can with my lighter canon 450d and see what happens. fingers crossed:hello2:
  12. Thanks I´ve tried moonfishgroup a few times but I keep getting a 404 error. I´ve read some reviews and they sound good though for my scope not as good as others.
  13. Thanks I´ll have a look at these and see if I can get them over here is Spain. Not all English firms send to europe.
  14. thanks steve but when you say f/lengh what do you mean? Can you change the focal lengh? sorry very new to this:icon_scratch:
  15. I´m waiting for my skywatcher 200p eq5 to arrive, this week hopefully! and I´d like to know how much to spend on a couple of eyepieces to get something good enough but not too expensive. The scope comes with a 10 and 25mm. Are these any good?
  16. Unfortunately the difference in price between the EQ5 mount and the HEQ5 is about 500euros.
  17. I´m really please to hear from someone who has this combo I was beginning to think I might have made a bad choice. The mounts people say are better for imagining (HEQ5 or HEQ6) cost far too much for me. Thanks:hello2:
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