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  1. It seems I have the latest version (3.08) so no joy there. Thanks anyway
  2. Aargh. Folllowed the instructions above by the book and still no joy. My laptop knows the port is in use, Stellarium says the scope is connected but still no control of the mount from the laptop. I think I am going to have a mystery for a while
  3. Sadly, although I have downloaded all the Ascom drivers, Stellarium, Stellarium Scope and got my new lead from Astronomiser, I still can't get the scope and the laptop to talk to each other. Stellarium Scope diagnostic is fine but nothing works. I'd appreciate any ideas. I am running windows 7 if that helps
  4. Don't be put off. Like many things, it's not that difficult, once someone points you in the right direction. I have all my software and drivers ready to go. The only thing that wasn't working was a link between the laptop and the mount but if you look at the link in this thread from Helios, that is the missing link. A serial to usb converter. Helios is truly a star (forgive the pun).
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone and thanks Helios for the link. Once again, you guys have helped. I am truly a numpty. Cheers
  6. Aargh, thanks. It will be. In that case, does anyone have any alternatives?
  7. Hi everyone. I have my first head scratching moment with my 127. I have got to grips with the handset. I have got a Philips webcam working between scope and laptop. However, I can't find a connection between the tripod and the laptop. The RS232 cable that came with the scope has a 9 pin female connection for the laptop. However, the only serial port on my laptop (which is fairly new) is a 15 pin female. I have tried adaptors but the laptop won't talk to the tripod. Any advice would be most welcome as a currently don't have a way of connecting the two. Thanks
  8. Hello Luke. Yes a Norfolk resident and also mid Norfolk - Swanton Morley
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Stellarium is already on the laptop. Excellent bit of software. I also have Starwalk on my Ipod which is handy to pop in my pocket. No doubt, once I get familiar with the sky and where everything is, I will be asking for info on what extras I need to add to my kit. Need to walk before I run though...but it is tempting to find out!
  10. Hi everyone from a newbie in Norfolk. A couple of weeks ago, I bought myself a Skymax 127 Goto. I had done some homework and it looked like a decent piece of kit for what I, (and my wife) wanted to pay, but would also do the job I wanted a scope to do. Anyway, what with other things and lots of cloud, I finally got out there last night and got to grips with the thing. Dayime alignment between scope and finder scope, check. 2 star alignment, check. First stop, the Moon. Wow. How can a lump of grey rock look so amazing? Inspired by this, I decided to look for an M number so went for Pleiades. I
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