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  1. What Steve was too ethical to mention is that he has authored a most helpful book called Making Every Photon Count. You can contact Steve for a copy it buy from FLO, I believe. Everone recommends it!


    LOL, I noticed the books on the links. And very good they look. I will persevere for now, and see what I can do. You know, I am much more conscious of the sky colour now, than ever before.

    I suppose once you really look, you notice all the time.



  2. Hi folks,

    I bought a cheap Canon A480, so I could begin basic Astrophotography (Star fields, and star trails). I bought that particular camera because it can be modified by using software called CHDK.

    CHDK Wiki

    Im sure many here are familiar with it. It allows you many new features which you would only normal get on a high end camera.

    I began my tests using 30 seconds exposures, with ISO 400 (to keep noise down). Examples below.



    Heres a 30 sec exposure of the lights just beyond our house (a school field gives a small distance between us and them)


    I know im not alone in suffering sky pollution problems. And obviously it can vary with atmosphere conditions. What would you recommend to cut the orange glow down. I have seen various software techniques, filters, etc. I just wonder what you folks have success with.

    Many thanks.


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