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    Hi, Welcome to SGL!
  2. You can order magnetic weights here: e-Magnets UK - Specialist Supplier of Neodymium Magnets, Rare Earth Magnets & Permanent Magnets
  3. I believe that the entire physical universe is a holographic projection of light from a single point out of nowhere that became everywhere.
  4. Yes, the focus is out. But, overall it'll do.
  5. ...it's a FORD. No wonder.
  6. spitfire12, Welcome to SGL. I say you've made the right choice in scope. Buy the 6" you won't regret it! Stella
  7. ...I'm looking forward to this today. Thanks!
  8. Good scope. I hope you enjoy it! Welcome to SGL
  9. MissMessier


    A warm welcome to SGL!
  10. MissMessier


    Welcome to SGL Bootsclan!
  11. My mother is a keen astronomer and I have always been surrounded by astronomy books and received a nocturnal education under the stars by her. I used to stay up and watch The Sky at Night with her and adore Sir Patrick. I have read A Brief History of Time too, and will be going to study Physics and Astronomy at UCL.
  12. I have an Orion XT 10" with Intelliscope, and I have to say it's better than the Skywatcher 250PX Flex Tube with Auto. I've used both. The quality especially the parts and overall manafacture is just not as good as the Orion. Just my personal opinion. The Orion is practically the same cost as the Skywatcher too. Plus, from the one I used - that belonged to my friend, he's had to fiddle with parts too, to adjust the alignment, mirrors lose collimation frequently. The EPs are not as good; and the nuts need constant tweaking. I have to say that I have had to do none of the above since purchasing and using my Orion XT10i. It's excellent. I recommend anyone to get one. I got mine from SCS Astro... Orion SkyQuest XT10 IntelliScope - SCS Astro Regards Stella
  13. I guess the forum is extensive enough with subjects that members are familiar with, and it would not warrant an additional section on a subject that is unconventional; until there's a wider understanding and appreciation of asteroseismology and it becomes more accessible then the Science section should suffice...
  14. Do you think it would be a good idea to have an Asteroseismology section under the Science category in SGL? There is a great deal of scientific interest and studies in stella seismology, especially given that ancient Greeks thought planets and stars were embedded in vast crystal spheres that hummed as they spun around the heavens, giving off what the ancients called “the music of the spheres." There are no crystal spheres; but as astronomers found out in the 1970s. The sun and other stars do actually ‘sing.’ Stars—themselves spherical—can produce notes through their vibrations, like musical instruments. We can’t hear the sounds directly, but astronomers can detect them through asteroseismology—looking beneath the surfaces of the stars into their cores, it's claimed. We can see inside the Sun as clearly as you can see a fetus in the womb using ultrasound. Stars produce ghostly whistling, drumming, humming or rumbling sounds though their frequencies—or speeds of vibration—must be artificially boosted to bring them into human hearing range. Stars have natural vibrations that are sound waves, just as musical instruments do. Understanding the sounds of the stars is important for our understanding of the formation of the solar system and the Earth. Using asteroseismology We can even monitor dangerous ‘active’ regions on the far side of the Sun. These stormy zones can later send out blasts that create geomagnetic storms on Earth, leading to power failures and radio disruption.
  15. Hi, we're gonna bail you out - like we did with Ireland and Greece! welcome anyway..
  16. ewww....An old bald guy making expressions like he's having a dump is NOT appealing!
  17. Hi Chris, Check out this site: Starter Telescopes Also, I would get a Planisphere and use your naked eye, get to know your way around the sky and identify stars first, like Globular Cluster and M31 etc...
  18. I think the Skyshed Pod looks interesting. The only thing I don't like are the embossed depictions of stars on the interior. I think it looks somewhat ELC. I prefer the Alexander Observatories personally. I think they look more professional and are definitely more spacious, especially for all the equipment. Just a preference :-)
  19. zcapp96 hit the nail on the head so to speak. The energy involved is so huge that only oblique impacts cause craters to be anything other than circular.
  20. Yes, as Doc said; replace the collimation screw. Job Done butter fingers..
  21. haha.. some interesting replies! Good to see a man who respects his other half!
  22. This is a cool app. I really enjoy it, very interesting and educational. Thanks
  23. MissMessier


    Thanks for all the messages. I hope that I can learn and discover more from Stargazers Lounger. btw. I blame my mum for my name...but, I do like it now. Clear Skies!
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