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  1. I have heard that space is particularly pungent because it is rich in carbon and low in oxygen, and just like a car, if you starve it of oxygen you start to see black soot and get a foul smell. Oxygen-rich stars, however, have aromas reminiscent of a charcoal grill. Once you leave our galaxy, the smells can get really interesting. In dark pockets of the universe, molecular clouds full of tiny dust particles host a veritable smorgasbord of odours, from wafts of sweet sugar to the rotten-egg stench of sulphur. I remember hearing this from Michael Collins also, during the Apollo 11 mission, post-docking of the LM that he remarked on the smell of burnt insulation wire..and that it was the smell of burnt molecules from solar flares...
  2. I made my dew shield from black camping mat and velcro. It does the job fine for stray light and dew. It's double the length of the diameter of the primary
  3. :icon_salut:I agree the 200p is an excellent scope and with a mount it's great for astrophotography! I recommend it highly. Good luck
  4. Hi 250 A very warm welcome to SGL. I hope that you get your scope soon Clear Skies!
  5. MissMessier

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    From the album: MissMessier

  6. I think you're referring to Quark–gluon plasma.
  7. It's great. Looks similar, although with the addition of Wish List and Sign-In tab.. Good work!
  8. I can't wait to see the new FLO website..it goes live later tonight!
  9. Hi again, my friend is from Surrey. She is new to observing too. I've tried to teach her as much as I know, but there's nothing better then going to star parties etc. I think you should do the same, unless you already go?
  10. Hi Telrad, a very warm welcome to SGL!
  11. Hi Jaymz, a warm welcome to SGL!
  12. Awww That is awful! I feel so sorry for you. I hope that you get everything sorted too, and the insurance help? I don't know how to clean soot from lenses, but I'm sure it will come off eventually ..at least nobody was hurt. It could have been much worse if somebody had perished in the flames. Good Luck.
  13. http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-lounge/140606-barlow.html
  14. Very funny thread. Can't wait for the next one!
  15. Anyway, Redshift by photon decay is a reasonable scientific theory. However it cannot explain all the observed phenomena.
  16. MissMessier

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    Thanks. It looks bigger due to the angle of the pic. Yes it's my TV Ethos 13mm Ultra Wide..love it!
  17. Don't take it too seriously, they are ONLY smilies, and merely a symbol that when viewed represents an expressive face - formed by the characters and used in forums etc to indicate that the writer is pleased or joking. It's lame to not have a sense of humour...
  18. :hello2:Hi spacealliance - A warm welcome to SGL!
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