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  1. anyone know what i am doing wrong from them pictures i put on
  2. ...no i still cant figure this out, who wants to buy this telescope?
  3. Hello!, I would hope someone could help me out, with the connection of this netbook i use and the philips webcam on the telescope...baiscly having a problem getting the software to work with the telescope, I will post some pictures of what is going wrong.., the Stellarium Scope 'connect' button ticks briefly and un-ticks its self, and pressing ctrl + 1 it pops up with a message saying telescope 'not connected' check it is connected properly etc, which as fas as i know it is, i followed your nice guide you posted here, step by step and no joy http://img863.imageshack.us/img863/8995/49027365.png http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/6296/77942039.png
  4. did you use the extension tube like he did too? could that be the big difference?
  5. is that the biggest Saturn will get with that telescope skymax127?
  6. Amazing


  7. Amazing


    From the album: Moon

  8. How does the PHD software work, I was just looking into that, I got this CCD Philips SPC900N, with that software does the webcam hook up to like a laptop and this software helps to track the stars?
  9. Google earth comes up in this format xx-xx'xx-xx"N x-xx'xx-xx"E the telescope comes up in this format xxx-xx' E xx-xx' N To find a star I should be ok with this Stellarium software that i can take outside with me to use on (iphone) so say i spotted one, I just manually find it with the scope and press enter and centre it, then select the next star and it finds that all by its self? and i am guessing that the telescope format goes like this (xx-xx' N) xx-xx'xx-xx"N <---Ignore the last four digits and (xxx-xx' E) x-xx'xx-xx"E <---ignore the last 2 digits on this one
  10. Thanks very much, I am a slow learner , I'll do my best
  11. Hello I was hoping you could help me out, I have been having trouble setting this telescope up (newbie), The GOTO system it asks for coordinates of where I am so I used google maps not to sure if I put it in correctly though, so after doing that it then asks to aglin with the brightest star or 2 stars, so when i got to that I use that software to see where the stars are to where i am standing, i select a star and then it says slew to object or something like that how do i know where to move the telescope to? that is where i get stuck, I thought it would track it by its self lol, The only thing i can find is the moon! Please help here is a picture by the way that i took with a sony compact digital camera of the moon first time using this telescope. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. wow i have so much to learn lol, not sure what you mean by a camera building data.
  13. would it be possible to see anything like this with a telescope like mine? skymax127?
  14. thats cool there is that software on the apps on iphone/ipod
  15. Hi i have this telescope, and i have trouble setting it up with the goto, where it asks for the coordination's of the first star which you select, how do you find out what it is? is there a map with them on? sorry i am completely new to all this!
  16. Amazing


    Thanks for the warm welcome
  17. Amazing


    Thanks for all your help, very quick replies! Much appreciated
  18. Amazing


    Thought I would sign up to this forum, as I just got interested in all of this kind of thing, read some reviews on here about this telescope Skywatcher skymax127 goto? So I got it in the post today! cant wait to use it I see it came with a VGA cable that connects to the remote, does anyone on here know of a link to down load a particular software for it preferably free? Thanks also i was wondering about what view finder sizes are good for things like close objects like the moon for instance.. and which is best for far out distances. ....Also it said on the manual never to look at the Sun with it, is there a certain filter you can buy for it so I am able to look at it? Many thanks !
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